Tory candidate to attend Darataigh rally

Finlay Carson
Finlay Carson

Finlay Carson, the prospective Scottish Conservative candidate for May’s elections to Holyrood, has announced that he will attend the ’Darataigh rally’ in Stranraer on Saturday 30th January.

Councillor Carson said:

“While I entirely understand the drive to get more mental health patients looked after either at home or in a home, there will always be cases that require in-patient treatment. It is entirely understandable that people in the West of the Health Board area want that in-care treatment to be provided in the West of the Region – i.e. Stranraer – and they have every right to demand that provision.

“So I will attend the rally on Saturday to show my support to the people of Wigtownshire on this issue – no-one should have to make a round trip of over 150 miles to visit a mentally ill relative or loved one when alternatives exist.”