To the Manor born for woodland adventures and disco dancing!

At the end of March, Port William and Kirkinner Primary School pupils enjoyed a residential trip to Lockerbie Manor.

There they enjoyed outdoor sports as well as fencing, a disco and time together.

Some of the pupils tell us about their experiences:

Christopher, P7, said: “The obstacle course in the woods was by far one of the best activities. After the delicious dinner we had a disco that was amazing, my best friends and I were doing the worm and front and back flips but the only thing wrong was that the music was too loud. We went to bed soooo excited that we didn’t get much sleep.”

Aaron in P6 said: “I really enjoyed the zip wire because I liked trying to get down. One of our instructors was really funny and he kept telling jokes

On the final morning my group had the den building. I went in a group with Matthew and Christopher to build a den. Our den was awesome and we could fit all three of us in it even when we were lying down.”

Elli Wadsworth said: “There were bunk beds and even our own en-suite.

“Our group did Bivouac building (den making) then low ropes.

“All the instructors were really nice and kind. They helped us if we got stuck or forgot what to do. They let you get really muddy so that’s what I decided to do.”

Katie in P6 said: “My groups first activity was blind trail, to get us warmed up we played “guess your partner”. You had to act out a character that the instructor gave you and you had to find the partner that’s the same character as you. Then we did a train activity, we joined in a big long line, everyone touching shoulders and the instructor spoke and the leader-that was at the start of the line had to follow where the voice was, that was using listening skills.”

Abby in P6 said: “The activities were archery, blind trail, obstacle course, low ropes, climbing wall, bivouac building (den making), zip wire, fencing and disco.”

Anna said: “Here are some examples of what we had to eat: vegetable lasagne, macaroni, fish and chicken kiev for tea, sausage baguette and soup for lunch and for breakfast a fry up or cereal. Lockerbie Manor is a great experience, it will help children build confidence and they will have an amazing time.”

Douglas in P6 said: “We had den building. I was with Zak and Toby and we built an absolutely awesome den with leaves, sticks and branches. The only thing was it was a bit low down (but we still all fit in it!) We had to take it down afterwards though.

“All in all I thought it was really exciting and I really wish I could go back there!”