This week's court files

A RUN-down of events at Stranraer Sheriff Court this week.

Carried drugs internally

THIRTY-two year old Rachael Rennie from Newton Stewart appeared in court on Tuesday charged with carrying heroin internally.

Rennie, of Ghyll Crescent, admitted carrying 600 worth of the illegal drug inside her body when stopped by police after disembarking a train from Ayr.

The court was told that police had received information about Rennie's alleged drug involvement and after she was seen getting into a car at Barrhill train station, officers stopped the car at around 8.20pm on March 9th as it headed towards Newton Stewart.

"Rennie was taken to Newton Stewart police office where it was suspected she was carrying drugs internally," said fiscal Kenny Grieve.

"She initially denied the allegations but was then taken to Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary for examination, where she produced a cellophane wrap containing 13.6 grams of diamorphine."

He added that the amount of drugs contained was thought excessive for personal use and therefore officers believed it was intended for supply to others.

Sheriff Smith called for background reports and deferred sentence until October 16th.

Crashed tractor

A MAN who crashed his tractor into an oncoming car was fined 200 on Tuesday.

Thomas Stroyan (66) from Fellview Terrace, Glenluce turned right out of a junction near Leswalt on June 28th when he failed to keep a proper lookout and an oncoming car collided with his tractor.

The court heard that the driver of the car suffered bruising to her chest and abdomen and whiplash, and her passenger received spleen and feet injuries.

Sheriff Smith called it an "error of judgement" and endorsed Stroyan's licence with five penalty points.

Fined for assault

A NEWTON Stewart man who assaulted a 15-year old boy was fined this week.

John Hughes (41) of Ewart Drive was ordered to pay 150 after seizing the youngster by the neck at The Galloway Arms Hotel on January 1st.

Sentence had been deferred on Hughes to be of good behaviour and Fiscal Kenny Grieve said that apart from a warning by police for possession of cannabis, he had been.

Sheriff Smith said: "This should never have happened in the first place."

Stole cement mixer

A VISITOR to the area who stole a quantity of power tools and a cement mixer was given a joint sentence on Tuesday.

Thomas Kay (31) from Glasgow had been in the area on a fishing trip with his brother-in-law when the offences took place, but lawyer Margot Nicol said that Kay had gone along with the actions of his accomplice.

"When his brother-in-law stopped the van and began loading it up, Mr Kay went along with him and knows he should have simply distanced himself from the actions," she said.

Mrs Nicol added that Kay suffers from mental health issues and is in constant contact with professionals.

Sheriff Smith said: "It may well be that you weren't the prime mover in this but you went along with what was happening, stupidly."

Kay received 18 months probation and 120 hours community service.

Shouted at staff

SHOUTING at shop staff has landed a youth with 120 hours community service.

The court heard on Tuesday that Jamie Miller (18) who now lives in Dumfries had been drinking alcohol to celebrate a friend's birthday on January 26th when he decided to try and buy more from Morrison's Supermarket in Stranraer.

Fiscal Kenny Grieve said that at around 8.40pm, Miller walked into the store but was refused service due to the level of intoxication he was under.

When he heard this, he began to shout and swear at staff who asked him to leave.

Paul Feeney, defending, said that Miller has now left the area and has found employment.

Despite previous convictions, Sheriff Smith decided to punish Miller with community service but warned him: "You could easily be sent to detention for this given the chances the court has offered you to behave.

"But on this occasion, I won't do that."

Warrant issued

A WARRANT was issued this week for a woman who failed to appear in court.

Andrea Kyle (40) of Shawfield was due to appear in relation to charges of racially aggravating a doctor and committing a breach of the peace at Galloway Community Hospital in May.

Three on car charges

THREE young men faced a number of charges in court this week, resulting in fines and community service.

Thomas Adams (16) of St John Street, Stranraer admitted stealing a car from Marine Gardens in the town on April 23rd before driving it while having no licence or insurance and was given 160 hours community service and disqualified from driving for a year.

Dean Murdoch (17) of Liddesdale Road, Stranraer was fined 250 for allowing himself to be carried in a stolen car and Michael McKay (19) of Millview Terrace, Lochans received 120 hours community service for helping to steal the car.

Lawyer Margot Nicol said that Adams had been influenced by people who were a lot more "street-wise" than him and that he waited with the owner of the vehicle for police after he was stopped when no one else had.

Michael Kilkerr, defending Murdoch, said that his client can be "immature and impulsive" and that he had been drinking at the time.

Paul Feeney said his client McKay had begun hanging around with the wrong sort of group at the time but that he was an employed youngster who had never lived off benefits.

Repaid cost of damage

A MINNIGAFF youth who caused 510 worth of damage to parked cars at Creebridge Hotel arrived in court on Tuesday with the full amount to pay back.

Simon Dick (18) of Reid Terrace in the town also threw a stone at a house window and smashed it.

In court, his lawyer Ian Milligan said that Dick's father was lending him the money to pay for the damage but that he would have to pay it back to him over time.

Sheriff Smith deferred sentence for six months for Dick to be of good behaviour.

Paid for caravan

HAVING dented a caravan so badly that it cost 2850 to repair, a Stranraer man arrived in court on Tuesday with just 100 towards the cost.

Lawyer Paul Feeney said that his client Stephen Scott "hadn't even scratched the surface" of the cost for repairs.

Scott (19) of Hampton Court in the town had damaged the caravan in March after a row with a woman and had gone back to the home of the caravan owner to apologise the following day.

Mr Feeney said: "This is a reasonable offering considering my client's income."

Sheriff Smith decided to defer sentence for six months for Scott to come up with more money and told him: "If you smash up someone's property, it's only right that you make an honest endeavour to pay for it."

Bought drink for underagers

A WOMAN who bought alcohol for underage teenagers had her sentence deferred this week.

Lynn McLaren (24) of Victoria Street, Newton Stewart bought Tennants lager for a 17-year old from Somerfield in the town on June 1st before then buying QC Sherry for a 16-year old from Whiskey Spirit.

She also admitted buying Blue WKD for a 14-year old girl on June 30th at Somerfield.

Sheriff Smith said he would defer sentence for six months to make sure there wasn't a repeat and added that he would simply fine McLaren if she behaved.

Caught with drugs

A NEWTON Stewart man who was caught with 40 worth of illegal drugs in the town will be assessed for a drug treatment and testing programme.

Patrick Murphy (27) of Ghyll Crescent admitted being in possession of the four wraps on December 29th last year at a time when lawyer Ian Milligan said he was "experiencing some very serious difficulties".

Mr Milligan added: "Mr Murphy suffered a drug habit but there has been a noticeable change of attitude lately and he has become involved in a relationship with a woman who is now pregnant."

The sheriff deferred sentence for the assessment and will deliver a sentence based on the results on October 16th.

Denies religious outburst

ASHLEY Patterson (24) of John Simpson Drive, Stranraer has denied a breach of the peace which was aggravated by religious prejudice.

Patterson is charged with conducting himself in a disorderly manner, shouting, swearing and committing a breach of the peace while uttering sectarian remarks on Lewis Street on April 28th.

A trial date was set for December 17th.

Threatened to jump

A PSYCHIATRIC report was called for this week after the sheriff heard of a man threatening to jump from a fourth floor window ledge.

James Strang (22) of Kintyre Court, Stranraer climbed onto the ledge of his upstairs property after police arrived at his house on June 17th.

The court was told that Strang had approached a woman at her home address on Corsewall Crescent at around 11pm despite having been previously bailed on the condition that he would stay away.

"She called police who traced Strang at his home address," said fiscal Kenny Grieve.

"When they arrived, they found him on the ledge of the window. After a short discussion, they convinced him to come inside and soon his mother turned up at which point he declared he was going to jump again."

Police officers managed to seize Strang at that point and after a struggle, were forced to use CS spray to control him.

"Having been taken to the Galloway Community Hospital for treatment, it was decided he should be admitted to the Chrichton," finished Mr Grieve.