The Reiver’s Road provided an evening of entertainment

Richard and Madelaine as Guizer
Richard and Madelaine as Guizer

Madelaine and Richard are ‘Guizer’- a couple of multi-talented entertainers who describe themselves as “dressing up in silly clothes, singing and begging for money - in very unusual places”!

They certainly did that at the Swallow Theatre, Ravenstone with an entertaining evening of songs, stories, fables, superstitions and rather strange props. The instrumentation included a range of guitars, banjo, mandolin, bodhran and items of percussion, all played with skill and sensitivity (despite some imbalance between instruments and vocals).

A fascinating history of Border Reiver violence and disregard for law was revealed through poetry and prose together with some delightful song renditions - particularly in ‘The Flower of Northumberland’ and ‘A Border Lullaby’.

Another very enjoyable evening at the Swallow Theatre.