The children’s view of disaster

The Cree burst its banks all along the town stretch. GG 2011067 12
The Cree burst its banks all along the town stretch. GG 2011067 12

Ferocious River Cree

On Monday Newton Stewart was flooded. Just because of a big rainfall. The River Cree was making it flooded. When the rain hit, it went over the side.

Nearly half of Newton Stewart was flooded. It was a major flood. People were evacuated from their homes, as well as houses and cars. It was caused by the River Cree and the rain. Another thing that was causing problems was that people didn’t want to leave their homes. Old Minnigaff was flooded as well.

The A75 and A714 were shut. Another thing that was closed was the River Cree bridge, as well as Aldi and Sainsbury’s. Another thing that caused problems was the main street was closed.

The McMillan Hall was being used as an emergency service. There was fire service, ambulance and police. Hotels were providing tea. The Chief Constable was in charge and paramedics were on stand-by. Douglas Ewart High School was on stand-by as well.

Eventually the flood subsided. Afterwards the clean-up began. The firefighters were pumping water and the lifeboat rescued people. Pets were returned back home.

Elli, P4

Flood waters in Newton Stewart

On November 19, 2012, Newton Stewart had a flood. The heavy rain caused the flood. It wasn’t just Newton Stewart, it was in the surrounding area too. The flood was very deep. There was a lot of rainfall.

The water got into cars. Firefighters pumped the water out. The Cree bridge closed, main streets closed too.

This major incident happened at 12 noon. The A75 was closed and so was the A714.

The paramedics were on stand-by because a lot of people’s homes were flooded. Another thing was that the McMillan Hall was being used.

The Douglas Ewart High School was on stand-by, as well as the McMillan Hall. Afterwards people got tea. The Chief Constable was in charge.

People had to be evacuated from their homes. These people had to go in a lifeboat. Animals were rescued. Everyone was shocked.

Eventually the rain stopped. It is thought that it will take days to clean up Newton Stewart.

Abby, P4

Newton Stewart’s flooded

In Newton Stewart, on Monday, November 19, 2012, a flood started. It happened because the river levels were high and the rain made it overflow. The residents were devastated.

The flood caused the Cree bridge to close, as well as the main street, A75 and A714.

Another thing is that shops were closed as well.

People’s houses were flooded and people were evacuated. Afterwards the paramedics, police and the fire service came to rescue people and save them from the flood.

Eventually people were safe in the McMillan Hall, Douglas Ewart High School and at their family’s houses.

The flood has now subsided a little bit and people can move back into their houses after it has all gone down.

Anna, P4

The major flood

The rain made a major flood in Newton Stewart, on Monday, November 19, and surrounding area.

The Cree bridge got closed, so did the main street. Another thing happened was that roads got closed.

Paramedics were on stand-by. So was Douglas Ewart High School. Hotels were providing tea.

The McMillan Hall was used to keep people warm. Eventually 
the water subsided then everyone who was in the McMillan Hall was very happy.

Courtney, P4

Major flood at Newton Stewart

On November 19, a flood hit Newton Stewart at 12 noon. All the paramedics were to stay on stand-by and some people had to be evacuated.

The Cree bridge was closed, and the main street and the A75 was closed as well. People had to evacuate to hotels, which handed out tea, coffee and food.

Emergency services set up in McMillan Hall. The Chief Constable was in charge.

Cars were stranded and people had to push them out and paramedics had to rescue pets and return them to their owners. Firefighters had saved people from houses and cars caught out by the flood.

The firefighters had to pump out water and pets were returned to their owners.

Eventually the water subsided and Newton Stewart returned back to normal.

Naithan McCulloch, P5