The case of the disappearing banners

The organiser of Weightwatchers in newton Stewart is mystified by the continued disappearance of banners advertising her business.

Emily Carmichael told the Galloway Gazette that three banners have vanished in the space of three months.

The banners advertised the fact that she held Weightwatchers meetings every Wednesday at 12.30 in The Belted Galloway in the Riverside car park.

There were strategically placed on the road down to The Belted Galloway and on the railing of the gardens on Albert Street.

Emily, who comes to Newton Stewart from Lockerbie every week, said: “I haven’t reported this to the police but I do think it’s weird that the banners keep disappearing. People don’t know when I’m here and I would just like to find out what’s going on. Perhaps the Gazette readers can help me.”