Tenant complaints about social landlord

Rotten door frame letting mice in at 16 Doocot Terrace N.S.
Rotten door frame letting mice in at 16 Doocot Terrace N.S.

A resident of a Loreburn house in Minnigaff has accused the social landlords of neglecting the property by failing to keep up with the maintenance.

Rick Langham from 16 Doocot Terrace, told the Gazette that he and other tenants in the block have been asking for dampproof course for ten years to stop continued problems.

He also highlighted doors that don’t fit the frame leaving gaps at the bottom that make easy access for vermin like mice.

Mr Langham said: “We have been complaining for years bit nothing gets done. We need a dampproof course put in. The clerk of works came to have a look and said it was just condensation and advised people to buy dehumidifiers. There are a lot of elderly residents here and the state of the buildings is a security risk in my opinion. Some of the old ladies are in tears about this.”

A spokesman for Loreburn Housing said: “Loreburn is aware of an issue with one door in the property at 16 Doocot Terrace. Works have been instructed to replace the door but it has been necessary to order a new door. It is expected that it will be fitted by the end of February.

“Loreburn carried out damp proofing works to the property in 2010. Staff however will contact the tenant to investigate his continued concerns.”