Telephone scam circulating yet again

POLICE are issuing a warning to Galloway residents over yet another computer scam circulating the area.

The potential victim receives a telephone call from an individual claiming to be from Microsoft or from an anti virus company and state that they are aware of a virus on your computer and that they will assist in removing it for a fee.

The individual then asks you to log onto your computer and gives you various codes and information to type into your computer under the guise that this will remove the virus and they thereafter ask for banking details to obtain payment.

Crime reduction officer Constable Clark Logie states: “As with any scam it is important that individuals do not give out any personal or banking details.”

“If individuals receive a phone call of this nature I would recommend they terminate the call, neither internet providers, anti virus companies nor computer companies carry out their business in this way.

“In order to protect your computer, individuals should ensure they keep their anti virus software up to date and do not give out any passwords. If you have any concerns regarding your computer, contact your internet service provider or a recognised computer company.”

Anyone seeking further security advice is asked to contact their local crime reduction officer on 0845 600 5701.