Teenager broke man’s jaw

A 19-YEAR-old who punched a man so hard he broke his jaw and left him requiring metal plates has been placed on supervision for a year.

Alister McColm, of Fairhurst Road, Stranraer, asdmitted assaulting Richard Pattinson on Church Road, Stranraer, on September 11 last year.

The court heard McColm had been out at Bar Pazzarello with his girlfriend, sister and a friend when he and his partner began an argument which spilled outside on to Church Street.

His sister began shouting at 
him, witnessed by Mr Pattinson. He attempted to diffuse the situation by slapping McColm’s sister in a bid to calm her.

The court heard the parties were all unknown to each other, and McColm took exception to Mr Pattinson hitting his sister, so punched him once on the jaw.

Mr Pattinson walked off and found a police officer. He was taken to hospital in Kilmarnock where metal plates were fitted.

Solicitor Paul Feeney said his client had never intended to cause this level of injury.

Sheriff Kenneth Robb said: “I trust you have learned a severe lesson here – that it’s best not to be drunk if you’re going to be an aggressive drunk.”

McColm was placed on super­vision for a year and ordered to undertake 240 hours of unpaid work.