Teenager assaulted man

A Glenluce teenager who assaulted another man in a Stranraer nightspot appeared for sentencing at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Tuesday.

Billy Baillie, aged 18, admitted assaulting Stewart Fitzsimmonds in the Bar Pazzarello in George Street, Stranraer, on December 23 last year, by punching him repeatedly, causing him to fall to the ground and whilst he was there, kick him repeatedly.

Fiscal Depute Gemma Hinds said there had been bad feeling between the accused and the complainer going back to two weeks before the incident.

That particular night, Mr Fitzsimmonds was approached by the accused about comments he had allegedly made. After explanations were apparently given by the complainer, the accused punched him on the face resulting in a cut lip. The police were then contacted.

The accused’s solicitor Margo Nichol explained that this was a “chance meeting” between the two men and if Baillie had been sober he would have “thought twice” about what he did. She added that he had since cut down on his drinking and socialising.

As this was the accused first offence, Sheriff Kenneth Robb ordered him to complete a Community Pay Back Order of 120 hours.