Teen slams wind farm protestors

Blackmyre Moor, the site of the proposed wind farm
Blackmyre Moor, the site of the proposed wind farm
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A TEENAGER has hit out at objectors to a proposed wind farm near Creetown this week by telling them to “wake up and grow up.”

Callum McCann, 15, from St John Street in the town said that we need to embrace the plans in order to slow down the global warming process, whether we find turbines a blight or not.

Swedish energy firm Vattenfall had declared an interest in developing a windfarm at Blackmyre Moor, east of the Kirkmabreck Quarry site, and now Kirkcudbright Academy pupil Callum said he feels it should be supported by the people of Galloway.

He said: “I just have to say to anyone that is dramatically complaining about the proposed Creetown wind farm to grow-up. There is no doubt a phenomenon called global warming - this has happened before as this is how an ice age commences. Global warming is speeding this up, it is nothing new.

“What you need to come to realise is that wind farms - as ugly or inconvenient as they may be, and I think this as well - are necessary to at least try and slow down this phenomenon.”

Vattenfall are yet to make any detailed proposals and have sought to ascertain community feeling towards a venture nearby. Some reports have claimed that the turbines won’t be visible from a distance but protestors have been up in arms at the initial suggestion of a wind farm.

One who contacted The Galloway Gazette following the public consultation event held in Creetown last month said she felt the company were hiding something. The woman, who asked not to be named, said: “We hear we won’t be able to see the turbines, but we don’t even know yet how big the wind farm will be. I’m pretty sure we’ll know about them when they’re up!

“Why our beautiful region must be spoiled like this is beyond me, the cashs hould be spent on progressing wave technology and other means of energy production.”

But Callum said it’s time to accept the fact that we have no other options.

He said: “Personally I’m a great believer in nuclear power, and would rather have a nuclear power station, however that isn’t the proposed plan. I, however, realise that we need to start using renewable energy a heck of a lot more.

What would you rather look at - power lines or a wind turbine? Would you rather pay more for energy from fossil fuels or pay for cheap energy from renewable sources? Wake up and see things have to change whether we like it or not. “Instead of squabbling about it we should be embracing it, even trying to be more economical and building a reputation for being a ‘green’ community.”