Talk held by horse society

The British Horse Society Scotland Dumfries and Galloway group recently held two very successful talks about first aid for horses.

The British Horse Society provided the basic presentation to all BHS regional groups across the UK and asked them to work with local veterinary groups to organise the presentations.

We are indebted to Ali Haggerty of Stewartry Vets and Alisdair Gaw of Academy Vets for giving freely of their time and expertise.

In the Stewartry, two evenings were held at the Gordon Hall in Castle Douglas.

Some 65 people attended either one or both sessions.

The presentations were given by Ali Haggerty who also answered questions from the floor.

Wigtownshire held their talk at Leswalt Primary School, with Alisdair Gaw giving an interesting talk using real-life cases to supplement the slides.

Topics covered pre-first aid (prevention of illness and injury), wounds, choke, colic, lameness, including laminitis, foaling, eye injuries and infections, contagious/infectious diseases including strangles and isolation procedures, emergencies and when to call the vet.

Everyone went away with a great deal to think about and learnt a lot from the very interesting and informative speakers.