Swim safety day at Ewart

Douglas Ewart High School and Merrick Leisure Centre save lives at the Scottish Summer Safety and Drowning Prevention Campaign.

Pupils and staff at Douglas Ewart High School are making a splash at Merrick Leisure Centre in Newton Stewart to help prevent drowning, by taking part in water safety activities during the Scottish Summer Safety and Drowning Prevention campaign. Also in attendance will be GB International and Commonwealth swimmer Andy Mayor and Scottish Swimming’s mascots Splish and Splash.

Using activities and resources provided by Scottish Swimming (national governing body for aquatics in Scotland) and the Royal Lifesaving Society UK (the UK’s national water safety and drowning prevention charity), the school and leisure centre will be running fun and interactive water safety activities for primary (P7) and secondary (S1) school children.

The event will take place at 12.30 on Thursday, June 27 at Douglas Ewart High School which is adjacent to Merrick Swimming Pool.

The objective of the national Scottish Summer Safety Campaign launched by Scottish Swimming and RLSS Scotland to ensure that children (and parents) are aware of the dangers of being in and around unfamiliar water, and that they have the knowledge and capability to keep themselves and each other safe.

Mike McCann, principal of Physical Education at the High School said: “More than 400 people drown in the UK each year, and thousands suffer near-drowning experiences. 42 per cent of all drowning occur between June and September. Shockingly drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death in children in the UK.
“We are happy to support Scottish Swimming and RLSS Scotland to reduce these numbers by informing swimmers about how to be safe in, on, or near water, while offering what we think will be a really fun afternoon for our pupils.”

Forbes Dunlop, Chief Executive of Scottish Swimming said: “We want everyone to be able to enjoy the pleasure of swimming and water activities over the summer and also remain safe. Swimming really is the unique sport for all – everyone can swim – it is an activity very suitable for people of all ages, all sizes and all abilities, whether using this hugely popular sport for fun, fitness or for all round health and wellbeing. It is vital that children are taught to swim in order that they may feel confident and safe in and around water and throughout their developing years – and mums and dads – you know it’s never too late to learn!”

Andy Mayor said: “I am delighted to be here supporting this essential campaign. Having a good understanding of water safety is just as important as being able to swim, even if you are a strong swimmer you can still get into difficulties in unfamiliar water. As the summer holidays approach we are all committed to raising awareness of water safety in a variety of water location whether it is lochs, rivers, at the beach or in a pool, and the dangers that are posed respectfully.

Various activities will take place during the session, including various types to rescue, basic lifesaving techniques, CPR, snorkelling and other fun aquatic activities.

For more details about the session, contact Mr McCann at mmccann998@ea.dumgal.sch.uk

The Scottish Summer Safety and Drowning Prevention campaign will see leisure centres and schools across the country holding activities to help raise awareness of how to be safe in, on or around water.

Find out more at www.scottishswimming.com/sss