Susan sheds stones

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Mum of two Susan Livingstone is enjoying a new lease of life after losing almost FIVE stone.

Susan, 42, from Newton Stewart, knew deep down that her back pain had something to do with her size-20 dress size, but she kept denying it.

“People would tell me I didn’t need to lose weight, so I just carried on eating,” she says. “But when it came to going out, I would try to make excuses as I just hated walking into a room wearing oversized clothes.”

So when a friend mentioned joining Scottish Slimmers, Susan decided to give it a try. “I was horrified by what I saw on the scales,” she explains, “I hadn’t realised it had become that bad.”

Week by week, Susan stuck to her new eating plan, and the weight came off, and even though her friend stopped going to the classes, busy mum Susan carried on, inspired by the other Scottish Slimmers class members.

“When I reached my target weight, I think I was the most shocked person in the room!” says Susan, whose back pain had disappeared. “I didn’t think I could do it. How could I be a size 12?”

Scottish Slimmers class manager Cassie Wren said Susan is a true inspiration. “Susan has transformed her life and her health in just 10 months.”

Now that she is four dress sizes smaller, Susan is enjoying buying flattering outfits and is feeling young again. She said: “My confidence has doubled and I feel fantastic.”