Survey opens on customer service facilities

As part of the process of integrating libraries, registration and customer service centres, Dumfries and Galloway Council is asking for your views on the opening hours for new DG customer service facilities in each area right across the region.

If you want to ensure that you can access your library when you want to, get information on council services and register life events at a time convenient to you, go to your local library, registration office or customer services facility and fill out an opening hours tear-off slip. Alternatively, you can go online at and select your preferred option.

Tom McAughtrie, Chair of Community and Customer Services Committee said: “It is important that we offer services at a time and place convenient to our customers. We are keen to ensure where possible, that across each area, there are facilities open every morning and afternoon and at the same time that evening and Saturday morning provision is maintained. The proposed sets of hours have been drawn up using feedback from local user groups and through evidence based usage patterns but ultimately we want our customers to tell us the optimum opening periods for their DG customer services facility.”

The survey is open for three weeks.