Survey being carried out on rot found around hall window

Work to make repairs to Newton Stewart’s McMillan Hall have hit a snag after contractors discovered rot around a window.

As part of ongoing renovations to the town’s hall in a bid to have it utilised by a wide range of community groups, full stonework and internal repairs have been carried out over the summer.

The Dashwood Square hall was closed in April and user groups re-housed in other council-owned buildings around the town.

And now rot has been found around the window at the foot of the main staircase, a council officer told members of Cree Valley Community Council in a report last week.

Karen brownlie’s latest report to the council said the discovery had only just come to light during considerations fro the redecoration of the windows.

A survery is being carried out to determine whether the offending rot is dry or wet and what can be done to repair it.

It was also pointed out that there is only 25 percent of the external stone replacement work still to be carried out and most of that is around the main door.

Part of the concrete staircase has been removed to make way for the lift.

The public office has been removed and wiring carried out under the main floor.

The council pondered over the expected reopening date for the hall which was orginally due to be in use by November.

It was suggested work was on-track for this date before the rot was discovered.

The hall’s controversial closure caused concern among locals who called it a “short-sighted” move by the council, who also permanently closed Newton Stewart Community Centre at the same time.