Surface of street still a problem

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PROBLEMS with the surface of the roads and the quality of lighting are still a bone of contention for the residents of Cairnsmore Crescent and Cairnsmore Avenue in Newton Stewart.

Disgruntled residents visited the monthly meeting of the Cree Valley Community Council for the second time in three months last week to tell community councillors that potholes lurking in the dark could result in broken limbs.

The residents had attended the meeting last November with the same complaints and they were assured that the community council would contact Dumfries and Galloway Council on their behalf.

Work was duly done by the local authority on the potholes but this has proved unsatisfactory and the residents were calling for “the whole of the road to be resurfaced”.

Mid Galloway Councillor Alistair Geddes said this week that the council were doing their best to keep up with the problems on the area’s roads.

The councillor said: “The council are having difficulties to be fair but they don’t always address the issues.”

Mr Geddes added that a number of locations in Newton Stewart were in need of attention and the ‘Jetpatcher’ machine that was thought to be the answer to all the pothole problems in Galloway had not performed as well as expected.

He suggested to the community council that it would be an idea to invite Jane Bridge and Colin Forbes from DG First to the next meeting to discuss the ongoing problems.