Support web page set up for supermarket plans

A FACEBOOK page inviting submissions in support of a supermarket proposal for Barnkirk, Newton Stewart has been set up by campaigners a week after 1000 signatures were obtained against the plans.

The page, called Viva La Revolution-ns, states it has been “set up for those who are in favour of investment, jobs competition and choice, in Newton Stewart” and to encourage the people of Newton Stewart to show and voice their support for the proposed supermarket.

With reference to Monday’s Cree Valley Community Council meeting, it goes on: “The 2nd of April 2012 will see a historic day in the future of Newton Stewart. We need all of our supporters, that are in favour of the proposed new supermarket, to attend.”

Last week, a group called SOS (Save Our Street) were given the support of MSP Alex Fergusson in their objections to the plans. The group, made up of traders from the high street and with signatures from customers and members of the public, say the plans would signal the end of local businesses.

The issue is due to be discussed as part of the agenda for a meeting of Cree Valley Community Council on Monday at 7.15pm in the McMillan Hall, Newton Stewart.