Supersafety evening for Wigtown

POLICE officers Hannah and McFadzean have always worked closely with local schools to deliver messages about antisocial behaviour, internet safety and drugs to the pupils.

However, this year they decided to take a different approach and worked with Wigtown Primary School to produce a ‘supersafety evening’ for the local community.

The evening was a great success, with every pupil from P1-7 involved in delivering these key messages.

P1/2 told everyone all about what is safe and not safe to eat, followed by who it was safe to take medicines from.

P3/4 delivered an entertaining play showing what people should do if bogus callers arrive at their door. P5/6 acted out a scene showing antisocial behaviour, giving the story from both viewpoints and encouraging everyone to think about their actions in the community. P6/7 dramatised a cyberbullying scenario and gave the audience internet safety tips, to encourage parents to be more aware of how to keep children safe online.

After each performance, the police reiterated the main points and gave examples of how they could help. Finally the whole school performed ‘Surfing the Internet’ song as a fun way of encouraging people to remember the important points that had been covered. The school were delighted as through the children producing a play about these issues, it has given them a purpose for their learning, which will hopefully means they are more likely to remember it.

The opportunity for the school to work with partner agencies, in this case the community police, to utilise their specialist skills, has been invaluable.

Wigtown Primary School would like to say a big thank you to all who attended the event and hope you found it worthwhile.