Supermarket will be hot topic of debate at meeting

SCORES of supporters of a new supermarket on the outskirts of Newton Stewart are expected to attend a meeting of Cree Valley Community Council on Monday to voice their backing.

Having gathered momentum through the internet, the Viva la Revolution-ns group intends to show up and make itself heard following news that 1000 signatures were gathered against the plans by the SOS (Save Our Street) group, who are also expected to be represented.

Monday’s meeting will be attended by spokespeople from CWP, the developer proposing the development at Barnkirk, adjacent to the A75. They will give a presentation to the council and answer questions.

But this week Cree Valley CC chairman John McNaught asked that those intending to show up select a spokesperson to make their main points, which will avoid the meeting overrunning and give everyone a fair show.

He said: “We could easily end up debating this item all night and no other business would be addressed. It should also be pointed out that our meeting room only holds between 35 and 40 people, and 20 of those spaces are taken up by councillors.

“As partners in the planning process, the community council members cannot comment one way or another on the matter but can listen to what people have to say.”

MSP Alex Fergusson last week signed the SOS petition, which can be found in shops in Newton Stewart, showing his opposition to the plans.

And now the a Facebook page called Viva La Revolution-ns, states it has been “set up for those who are in favour of investment, jobs, competition and choice, in Newton Stewart”, and to encourage the people of the town to voice their support for the proposed supermarket.

Opinions continue to be aired through the Gazette’s website,, with one poster claiming the supermarket would offer an incentive for younger families to move to the area, and adds that big-name companies are needed in the town.

Another wrote: “Newton Stewart is a lovely town, the people are very friendly and are willing to help. If you have a large supermarket, this will disappear. Also, the house prices will go down if the shops get boarded up.”