Summer safety campaign at DEHS

Next Thursday, June 27, pupils at the Douglas Ewart High School are having a Summer Safety Campaign afternoon.

This is being targeted at Primary 7 pupils coming to secondary after summer, and the secondary class that will be their S2. The 212 10-12 year olds will have the message of safety around water and outdoor environments rigorously gone over by circulating round the attending services.

Initiated by Scottish Swimming, also attending will be Fire & Rescue Scotland (demonstration in the pool); Scottish Ambulance Service (emergency first aid, cpr, calling for help etc); Galloway Mountain Rescue (safety in the outdoors); HM Coastguard (safety at the shore); RNLI and Police Scotland.

Scottish Swimming business manager Amanda Church is so impressed with the Ewart’s campaign afternoon she wants to make the event the national flagship for getting the safety message over to our youngsters as the school holidays approach.

PE Teacher Mike McCann said the idea was to get the message across to hundreds more families and children across the local area.

He said: “We aim to reduce the number of fatalities than can occur, especially in summer, through misadventure during the holidays. Then, heaven forbid, if something does go wrong what is the best way to help and resolve the situation.”