Stranraer to benefit from water campaign

Scottish Water’s Cycle campaign to highlight the best ways to dispose of kitchen and bathroom waste is set to kick off in the Stranraer area.

Scottish Water is launching the six-week initiative to help everyone do their bit to save their drains and reduce the number of blockages in the local waste water network.

The start of the campaign will coincide with the upcoming Stranraer Show, where Scottish Water will have information stand, followed by a range of activities within the local community.

Cooking fat, oil and grease coupled with bathroom waste items such as wipes, cotton buds and nappies when disposed of down kitchen sinks and toilets can create a perfect storm of solidified fat and materials that can’t break down easily like toilet paper and collects in large clumps in the drains and sewers beneath Scotland’s streets. Around 40,000 blockages a year have created costs of over £7 million a year across Scotland for the publicly owned utility firm, and can sometimes lead to flooding of homes and businesses.

Around 80% of these blockages are caused by the wrong items being put down sinks or toilets.

This local campaign in the Stranraer area is part of Scottish Water’s national Cycle campaign.

Bill Elliot, Scottish Water’s Community Team Manager for Dumfries and Galloway, said: “The waste water drain which runs from your house to the public sewer is usually only about four inches wide - less than the diameter of a DVD.

“This drain is designed to take only used water from sinks, showers and baths and pee, poo and toilet paper from the toilet. Scottish Water believes that the best way to tackle blocked drains and sewer flooding is to work with our customers to prevent blockages that can clog up the cycle in the first place.

“Our national campaign, launched last year, highlighted the costly impact this can have. Our teams often attend to blockages in the Stranraer area, which can be time consuming and costly to clear. Ensuring we keep the sewer network clear of these items can help to reduce the risk of blocked drains and sewer flooding, help to protect and enhance the environment, while keeping costs down for the benefit of all our customers.

“We look forward to meeting many of our customers in the area at the upcoming Stranraer Show, where there will be face painting for children and information highlighting to customers the best way to dispose of these items.

“For example, fat, oil and grease should be left to cool before being scraped into a sealable container and then recycled or put in the bin*. Even soup, stocks, sauces and milk contain fat which can congeal and harden in drains. Again these can be left to cool/harden, put into a container and then recycled or put in the bin*.

“All kinds of wipes should be put in the bin – even if the pack says ‘flushable’. The same applies to sanitary items, nappies, cotton wool and buds.

“By taking a few simple steps like this we can all play our part in helping to keep the water cycle moving.”

To see Scottish Water’s campaign TV adverts, visit Scottish Water’s YouTube channel at

Customers can learn more about what they can do to keep the cycle running, what should not be flushed down toilets or poured down sinks and how they can save their drains, protect their homes, their neighbours’ homes and the local environment at

Please check with Dumfries & Galloway Council/your waste contractor for info on how to dispose of used fat, oil and grease in your area.