Stranraer Sheriff Court Files

ALL the latest from the dock.

Abuse fiend caged

A TEENAGE boy who admitted interfering with a seven-year-old girl was ordered to be detained for two years and put on the sex offender's register for five years at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Tuesday.

Glen McCleary, 16, St Mary's School, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, appeared for sentencing after pleading guilty earlier to using lewd, indecent and libidinous practices and behaviour towards the girl in Duncree Woods, Newton Stewart, in May.

Fiscal Kenny Grieve said the girl had been found in "an extremely distressed state" by a dog walker. Solicitor Simon Brown said this had been an "opportunistic rather than a predatory crime" and that no blame could be attached to the victim.

Sheriff Daniel Kelly told McCleary that taking advantage of the girl was "wicked". He also noted that McCleary had shown no recognition of the consequences of the crime.

Pregnant teen rant

A PREGNANT teenager appeared in the dock at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Tuesday for sentencing after admitting causing a breach of the peace at a police station.

Kimberly Turner, 18, of 35 Castle Street, Stranraer, pled guilty earlier to conducting herself in a disorderly manner, shouting, swearing and kicking a door at Stranraer Police Station on August 17th. She also admitted breaching the terms of her probation order.

Fiscal Kenny Grieve said she had gone to the station at 1am to see someone in custody but, when told that was not possible, had started shouting and swearing.

Solicitor Jocelyn Aitken said Truner went to speak to her then boyfriend and now realises that she behaved inappropriately when a meeting was refused. Since the incident, Turner had ended the relationship.

Sheriff Daniel Kelly fined Turner 200 and continued her probation order.

Attacked brother

A STRANRAER man who punched his brother after a disagreement was fined 300 at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Monday.

Peter Galashan, 22, 4A Forefield Court, Cairnryan Road, appeared from custody to plead guilty to assaulting Scott Galashan, by repeatedly punching him in George Street, Stranraer, early on Sunday.

Fiscal Kenny Grieve said the brothers were in Bar Pazz when the argument erupted. When they left, they continued their verbal spat in the street and were spoken to by the police, who, shortly afterwards, saw the punch.

Solicitor Paul Feeney said officers had told the brothers to "cut it out" but, he added, Scott Galashan had goaded Peter Galashan to "come over and finish what he started".

Stole 1k from boss

A MAN who stole over 1,000 from his employers was fined 400 and ordered to pay compensation of 800 at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Tuesday.

Barrie Curtis, 64, formerly of Whitepark Farm, Stranraer, pled guilty to stealing 1004.85 from King's Bus Depot, Station Street, Stranraer, on January 23rd this year.

Lawyer Michael Kilkerr said despite the breach of trust Curits kept his job, but his position became untenable due to "the attitude of others" and he had now left the area.

Racist comments

A FORMER Newton Stewart man who admitted shouting racial remarks and breaking his bail conditions had sentence deferred at the sheriff court in Stranraer on Tuesday.

Jamie Smith, 31, formerly of Queen Street, now living in Limavady, Northern Ireland, admitted shouting at Chun Chan in Albert Street, on August 11th and breaking his bail conditions on August 18th.

Sprayed with CS gas

A WHITHORN man who had been on a drinking binge had to be sprayed with CS gas by police in Newton Stewart on Saturday night after he struggled violently with three police officers trying to arrest him.

Paul Lyons, 23, of 1 Glasserton Court, appeared from custody at Stranraer Sheriff Court to pled guilty to assaulting John McKie in Victoria Street early on Sunday morning by punching him on the face to his injury and to resisting arrest the same night.

Fiscal Kenny Grieve said that at around 2am Lyons approached Mr McKie, who was standing with a group of people, including his ex-girlfriend. Lyons assaulted Mr McKie when it became clear his ex didn't want to talk to him. Police moved in to arrest Lyons, but he put up such a struggle he had to be sprayed with CS.

Solicitor Margo Nicol said Lyons had been drinking and only had a vague recollection of events, "such was his state of intoxication".

Sheriff Kenneth Robb fined Lyons a total of 660 and advised him to "stay out of pubs a bit more."

Breach man in dock

A NEWTON Stewart man was fined 505 on Monday after an incident in the town last weekend.

John McVittie, 38, of Benyellary, York Road, pled guilty to a breach of the peace and resisting police in Victoria Street, Newton Stewart in the early hours of September 6th.

Fiscal Kenny Grieve said McVittie was seen by officers trying to punch another man. He was told to behave but he was in such an"enraged" state he tried to push past the officers to fight with others in the street. Police had to use CS gas to restrain him.

Solicitor Paul Feeney said McVittie had been assaulted earlier in the year and, having spotted his attacker in the street, had gone over to speak to him to "call it quits".

Unfortunately the olive branch had been rebuffed, a scuffle had broken out and McVittie had been knocked down. After being hauled back to his feet, McVittie then became aggressive.

Mr Feeney admitted McVittie should not have "taken the law into his own hands."

320 fine on assault

PLEADING guilty to assault landed a Glenluce teenage girl with a 320 fine at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Monday.

Jessica Garrett, 17, 10A Fineview Crescent, admitted repeatedly kicking Sara Macdonald on the head on body to her injury in Academy Street, Stranraer, on April 12th.

Fiscal Kenny Grieve said the incident happened at 2.40am when Sara was walking along the road. Garrett had got out of a car and approached her, then there was a struggle between the two which resulted in the assault.

Solicitor Paul Feeney said there had been an "unfortunate incident" between the previously and on this occasion Garrett had "acted in the heat of the moment".

'Stab cops' threat

SHERIFF Kenneth Robb deferred sentence for reports on a man who pled guilty to a series of charges at the sheriff court in Stranraer on Monday.

Christopher Lees, 28, of 28 Coronation Drive, Stranraer, admitted a breach of the peace, resisting arrest and threatening to stab police at Springfield Crescent, Stranraer, on August 6th. He also admitted conducting himself in a disorderly manner, shouting, swearing, attempting to gain entry to 24d Dalrymple Street, Stranraer, and uttering threats of violence on August 12th. Sentencing will take place on September 29th.

Addict swiped purse

A MAN with a "long-standing drug addiction" was jailed on Monday at Stranraer Sheriff Court for stealing a purse.

Martin Todd, 27, of 2 Rephad Crescent, Stranraer, admitted stealing a purse and 28 from William Hill in the town's George Street on August 12th. He also pled guilty to failing to appear at the court on August 26th.

Lawyer Margo Nicol described this as an opportunistic crime and disclosed Todd's addiction to drugs.

Sheriff Kenneth Robb sentenced Todd to three months in prison for the theft and a further 30 days for failing to appear at court.