Stranraer Sheriff Court Files

Court files from Stranraer Sheriff Court, July 1st 2008.

Couple in court

A NEWTON Stewart couple appeared in court this week after a rammy at their home.

Larraine Moore (30) and John O'Neill (34), both of Hillview Apartments on York Road, admitted conducting themselves in a disorderly manner by shouting and swearing on June 3rd.

Moore also plead guilty to kicking a door and resisting arrest before attempting to kick the rear window of a police vehicle.

Lawyer Ian Milligan said that a report compiled for Moore claims she could potentially have a borderline personality disorder and that alcohol had been a big part in their lives.

He added that O'Neill had taken steps to turn his life around.

Sheriff Tom Millar imposed a 12 month probation order on Moore and deferred sentence on O'Neill for six months to be of good behaviour.

Damaged girlfriend's car

A WHITHORN man who kicked his girlfriend's car has been told to pay for the damaged he caused.

Robert Kennedy (19) of St Ninian's Crescent admitted kicking the passenger door on his girlfriend's car as she drove on the A746 near Whithorn last month.

He caused 678.74 worth of damage to the car belonging to Jillian McIlwraith and his lawyer Ian Milligan said that Kennedy had drunk too much that evening.

Sheriff Tom Millar said that a probation order may help Kennedy to receive help with anger management issues and also ordered him to pay back the money to Miss McIlwraith.

Jail for drug dealer

A THREE-year prison sentence has been handed down to a Stranraer man convicted of dealing cocaine and cannabis in the town.

William White (22) of Thorney Way plead guilty to supplying the Class-A drug between March and May last year.

He also admitted supplying and possessing cannabis in August at his home.

Sheriff Tom Millar told White: "I cannot ignore the fact that you supplied a Class-A drug and this can't be dealt with in any way other than a prison sentence."

Cheese sandwich claim

A MAN who caused a scene in a charity shop and was later found in possession of a knife claimed he'd been making cheese sandwiches and forgot about the knife he'd put in his pocket..

Brian Hendry (33) who is currently serving a sentence in Dumfries Prison, plead guilty to threatening a woman at the Cancer Research shop on South Strand Street in Stranraer in April before being found with the weapon.

Fiscal depute Kay Jardine told the court that at 12.50pm, Hendry had entered the shop and picked up clothing to try on.

As he approached the changing rooms, assistant Heather Gibb told him he could only take a certain amount of items to try on.

"She saw him go in to the changing room with three t-shirts but he only came out with two," said Miss Jardine.

"She approached him as she believed he was trying to leave without paying for one of the t-shirts."

At this, Hendry became aggressive and started threatening the woman with comments such as, "You're going to get a slap one day" and swearing at her.

The assistant, alarmed and distressed, called police who later traced Hendry. They arrested him and as he was being searched at Stranraer Police Station found him to have a brown-handled, three-inch kitchen knife in his back pocket.

Miss Jardine said Hendry told officers he'd been making cheese sandwiches and had placed the knife in his pocket after washing it while he dried his hands. He also claimed he has been cheeky to the assistant because she had been cheeky to him.

Lawyer Murray Robertson said that Hendry regretted causing a scene and that he had made a stupid mistake in losing his temper.

He added: "He didn't brandish the knife or intend to use it at all."

Sheriff Tom Millar imposed a nine-month prison sentence to date from the end of Hendry's current sentence in August.

Jail for losing self control

A MAN who forced his way into a van, assaulted two people and caused the driver to crash into two parked cars has been jailed for a year.

Ian Marshall (41) of Park Road, Dunragit plead guilty to pulling his ex, Jennifer McNally, from a van before forcing his way in to the vehicle and pulling at the driver, Joseph Hodge, which caused him to lose control of the van and crash into cars - resulting in his injury by way of a dislocated shoulder.

Defending, Michael Kilkerr said that Marshall had been trying to reconcile with his girlfriend that weekend and that after two days spent together, she had gone outside to make a phone call.

Marshall stepped outside after her and found her to be talking to a man.

Mr Kilkerr said: "At this, Mr Marshall lost his self control as he felt he had been betrayed by her. Since this incident, he has been subjected to what he can only describe as a frequency of harassment by the woman."

He added that Marshall was fought back by Mr Hodge and that it was not a one-sided incident.

Sheriff Tom Millar said that as such severe injuries were sustained, he would have to impose a term of imprisonment.

Drugs find leads to fine

A LESWALT woman who was found with six bottles of methadone has been fined.

Clare Kennedy (27) of Portsolgan Farm admitted being in possession of the bottles along with a trace of heroin on a foil wrap and also cannabis.

Police were suspicious of Kennedy's car as it was parked at Thistle Business Park, Stranraer on June 2nd. When they checked it out they discovered the drugs.

Michael Kilkerr, defending, said that Kennedy had plans to move and work in Holland and that she could afford to pay a fine.

Sheriff Millar fined her 100 on each charge and told her: "Background reports indicate that you are an intelligent young girl who is responsible and capable enough to look after yourself."

Reports for supermarket theft

A MAN from Stranraer who is currently on probation has admitted stealing food from the town's Tesco supermarket.

Graham McCredie (28) of John Simpson Drive plead guilty to the offence, which took place on February 20th and Sheriff Tom Millar called for a probation review report before sentencing.

The case will call again on July 29th.

Jail for pub fracas

BRAWLING in a Newton Stewart pub has left a woman spending three months in jail this week.

Jayne Russell (26) whose address is given as Benyellay, York Road, Newton Stewart admitted conducting herself in a disorderly manner, shouting, swearing and fighting at The Crown on January 14th.

Sheriff Tom Millar backdated the sentence to June 9th, the date since Russell has been on remand for this incident.

Dog given to SSPCA

A MAN accused of failing to treat his pet dog's skin condition has handed the animal over to the SSPCA.

James Johnston (43) of Gallowhill Rise told the court on Tuesday that he had attempted to treat the condition in February but couldn't afford to take it to the vet and has since allowed the animal charity to take it from him.

Sheriff Tom Millar told Johnston: "If you can't afford to get help for a pet when it is ill, you shouldn't have one to start with."

Johnston has been banned from keeping pets for five years.

Underage drink buyer no-show

A WARRANT has been issued for a Stranraer man who failed to show up in court and answer charges claiming he bought alcohol for a 13-year old.

Jason Hudson (28) of Agnew Crescent is said to have bought the drink from Dunn's shop on Sheuchan Street in February.