Stranraer Sheriff Court Files

SHERIFF James Smith warned a young Stranraer man that unless he started to do his community service he would have to face the consequences.

would have to face the consequences.

David Forsyth, 21, of John Simpson Drive, Stranraer, was appearing at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Monday on a charge of conducting himself in a disorderly manner, shouting, swearing and placing his partner, Margaret McFarlane, in a state of fear and alarm, as well as committing a breach of the peace.

The incident happened at Mount Vernon Road, Stranraer, on April 23rd this year, while Forsyth was on bail.

In his defence, Forsyths' solicitor, Michael Kilkerr said that his client had taken steps in the right direction by getting himself employed and writing a letter of apology to the complainer.

He had made no attempt to get in touch with the complainer, the mother of his two children, and he was getting his life back on track.

When Sheriff Smith asked about the reason that Forsyth had missed an appointment in connection with his community service he was told by Mr Kilkerr that Forsyth had medical appointments that day.

The sheriff told Forsyth that he would defer sentencing him for one week for a social enquiry report.

"In the meantime he has to have started his community service and have done a substantial number of hours, or I will send him straight to prison.

I am fed up with this," said sheriff Smith.

Drove into the path of

oncoming police car

A MAN who drove into the path on an oncoming police car was found, when questioned, to be in possession of a Hong Kong driving licence instead of a British one.

Twenty-six year old Michael Tang, of Hanover Street, Stranraer, pled guilty at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Monday of driving without due care and attention and without reasonable consideration for other road users.

Tang had emerged from the junction of Burnside Court and Edinburgh Road, Stranraer, and drove into the path of an oncoming police vehicle, the driver of which had to take evasive action. The incident happened on February 6th this year.

He also pled guilty to driving without the appropriate licence and insurance.

Sheriff Smith fined Tang a total of 600 and eight penalty points.

Spat at police officers

A TWENTY-SIX year old Stranraer man pled guilty at the Sheriff Court this week to struggling with and spitting at police officers.

Ian Cloy, of John Simpson Drive, Stranraer was accused of conducting himself in a disorderly manner, attempt to assault a man, struggle, fight, and repeatedly kick and headbutt the interior of a police car on a journey between St Andrew's Street and Stranraer Police station on April 24th this year.

Once Cloy arrived at the police station he shouted, swore, spat, struck Kevin Shuttleworth on the arm and committed a breach of the peace.

Cloy's solicitor, Michael Kilkerr said that these offences appeared to happen when his client had had alcohol.

Sheriff James Smith sentenced Cloy to120 hours community service.

Kicked wing mirrors off cars

A STRANRAER man who kicked the wing mirrors off three parked cars appeared at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Monday.

Steven Palmer, of John Simpson Drive, Stranraer, pled guilty to damaging three cars parked and committing a breach of the peace in Coronation Street, Stranraer, on May 19th, 2005.

Depute Procurator Fiscal, Alan Cameron, told the court that at around 11.30pm residents heard a noise and saw the accused walking towards John Simpson Drive.

The accused approached the first car and kicked the passenger side wing mirror off the vehicle, he then walked towards the second and third car and did the same.

When a witness asked the accused what he thought he was playing at, he ran off. The witness then contacted the police.

Lawyer Ian Milligan, on behalf of Palmer, said that his client had a problem with alcohol, and that the incident had also happened while he was under a restriction of liberty order.

Mr Milligan said that, in his favour, his client had saved 170 to help pay for the damage he had done to the cars. He said that Palmer had promised before to try and overcome his drink problems.

"In the past he has said things, but hasn't done them," said Mr Milligan.

"However, he seems to really mean it this time."

In sentencing Sheriff James Smith told Palmer that it was very hard to know what to do with him, before deciding to cancel his original restriction of liberty order and issue a new one.

"Let's start again," said the Sheriff before restricting Palmer to his home for six months between 5pm and 5am to try and help him avoid places serving alcohol.

The Sheriff concluded by warning Palmer: " And no more nonsense!"

Found guilty of assaulting pupil

AT STRANRAER Sheriff Court on Monday, a 17-year-old Whithorn man, Scott Martin, was found guilty of assaulting a Douglas Ewart High School pupil by punching him on the head, on December 12th last year, in the school grounds.

His solicitor, Joe Baxter, told the court that Martin, of Jakmar, Ketburn Place, had punched the pupil on the face after the complainer had made a remark about a younger friend of Martin's who had died.

Sheriff James Smith told Martin that he had no need to behave like this, going to the school and causing trouble.

Martin was put on probation for 12 months and ordered to do 120 hours community service.

Ill-treated animals

A NEWTON STEWART farmer was found guilty of ill-treating seven blackface sheep and causing them unnecessary suffering.

Arthur McNabney, 47, of Barsalloch Farm, Newton Stewart, was fined 400 at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Monday, by Sheriff James Smith who said the incident "shouldn't have happened in the first place."

Sentence deferred

AT Stranraer Sheriff Court on Monday a Palnure man had his sentence deferred for 12 months to see if he could be of good behaviour.

Thirty-four year old Ian Ambrose, of Cairnsmore Road, Palnure, was accused of assaulting his former partner, Elaine Adams, by repeatedly slapping her on the head, seizing her by the hair and dragging her to her injury on April 15th last year, at St Couan's Place, Newton Stewart.

Sheriff Smith told Ambrose that as his relationship was now over and he was not in contact with his former partner he would give him the chance to see if he could behave himself.

Kicked in window

A CASTLE KENNEDY man who pled guilty to kicking in a window at Reid's China Shop in Hanover Street, Stranraer, had his sentence deferred until July 11th for background reports.

His solicitor, Michael Kilkerr, said that his client had been trying to turn his life around, but so far he had been unsuccessful in gaining employment, despite attempts to do so.

Remanded in custody

TWO Stranraer men were remanded in custody until July 6th, as the required background reports were not available for one of the accused.

Twenty-six year old William Garrett, of Oakland Avenue, and 20-year-old David Smith, of McDowall Drive are jointly accused of punching and kicking Ian Hannah on the head and body to his injury on February 25th this year, at McDowall Drive in the town.

Sheriff James Smith said that he could not deal with them separately as their names appeared together on the charge and therefore he had no option but to detain them both until he had the information he required.

Hit man with ashtray

A MAN who hit a another man over the head with an ashtray in a Glenluce hotel had his case adjourned for one week for background reports at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Monday.

Ian Rennie, 45, of Longforth Cottage, Auchenmalg, is accused of assaulting William McKie by repeatedly striking him on the head with an ashtray and kicking him on the head to his injury at the Kings Arms Hotel in Glenluce on March 11th this year.

Rennie is also accused of striking Margaret Dowling to her injury and striking a bar top with an ashtray causing it to break in the same hotel the same day.

Fined 200 for hitting bridge

A LORRY driver from Northern Ireland was fined 200 and had six points put onto his licence after his trailer got stuck under the Challoch Railway Bridge, near Dunragit.

Thirty-two year old Stephen Harrison, from Londonderry, pled guilty to driving without due care and attention and without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road.

On March 30th this year Harrison had attempted to drive a lorry under the bridge which was lower than the height of the trailer attached. He subsequently collided with the bridge damaging the vehicle.

Depute Procurator Fiscal, Alan Cameron, told the court that the accident happened at 10.30pm at night, that police and rail track engineers attended the scene promptly and the road was only closed for two hours.

Failed to produce licence

A STRANRAER woman was fined and had her licence endorsed with points after she was found guilty of driving on London Road, Stranraer, without a rear indicator, without insurance, an MOT certificate, and also for failing to produce a driving licence.

Amanda McCreadie, 23, of Mount Vernon Road, was stopped by two officers who saw the accused driving in the town. The accused was spoken to by the officers, but failed to produce the required documentation.

Driver was almost twice the limit

A THIRTY-SEVEN year old Stranraer woman pled guilty by letter to a drink driving charge at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Monday.

Elizabeth Smith, of Trades Court, Stranraer, pled guilty to driving on the B7043 near Leswalt on February 17th this year with 150 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood - almost double the limit of 80 milligrammes.

Smith also pled guilty to driving without a MOT certificate.

Her solicitor, Michael Kilkerrr, told the court that his client had been suffering from depression at the time.

Sheriff Smith adjourned the case until July 3rd for background reports.

Drove dangerously

A STRANRAER teenager will face trial in September after being accused of dangerous driving.

Andrew Milligan 18, of Clenoch Parks Road, is accused of driving dangerously, driving at excessive speed, losing control, striking a verge, skidding, crossing onto the opposite carriageway and colliding with another car, causing injury to himself and five others as well as damaging both vehicles.

The incident happened on February 15th this year on the A718 Stranraer to Kirkcolm road near to the junction with Spirrey Farm.

Pled guilty to possession

A MAN who pled guilty to possessing drugs had his case adjourned until July to allow him to complete a Drug Testing and Treatment Order.

Lee Barratt, 25, of Laurel Grove, Stranraer was apprehended when he got off a Girvan to Stranraer bus at Cairnryan on April 4th this year.

Police were in receipt of information that he was travelling from Girvan with drugs in his possession.

His solicitor, Margot Nicol, said that her client appreciates he is facing a prison sentence, although he had been trying to kick his drug habit.

Sheriif Smith adjourned the case for reports and said that if Barratt was deemed suitable he would be put on a DTTO programme and that he would make an assessment after this.

Ordered to resit test

A EIGHTEEN-YEAR old Stranraer man was told to resit his driving test after crashing his car earlier this year.

Christopher Rankin, of Ailsa Gateway, Ochtrelure, was charged with driving dangerously, at speed which was excessive for the road layout and conditions, which resulted in him failing to negotiate a right hand bend, losing control of the car, striking a grass verge, overturning and rolling, before coming to rest in the grounds of Creachmore Golf Course, injuring himself and extensively damaging the car on January 7th.

The court was told that since the accident Rankin had stopped driving and had given up his car.

Sheriff James Smith told Rankin: " You were lucky to get away with this so lightly and didn't end up killing yourself."

The Sheriff fined him 300 and ordered Rankin to resit his driving test.

Driver disqualified

A DUNRAGIT man was fined 500 and disqualified from driving for four years after he pled quilty to failing to provide two specimens of breath, Stranraer Sheriff Court heard on Monday.

Ian Marshall, 39, of Park Road, was charged with conducting himself in a disorderly manner, shouting, swearing and struggling with police officers in a police car; driving when unfit through drink of drugs at Park Road and Dounan Road, Dunragit and of failing to provide breath speciments for analysis on March 22nd this year.

In his defence, his lawyer Michael Kilkerr, said that Mr Marshall had decided to move his car that day as his partner had previously damaged his vehicle and she had threatened to do so again.

Mr Kilkerr said that his client is partially deaf in one ear and hadn't heard the police officers instructions, although he realised that these reasons fall short of a defence in this matter.

Man became aggressive

A MAN who became agressive at his girlfriend's house was given a six month good behaviour order at Stranraer Sheriff Court on Monday.

Stephen Young, 17, of Reston, London Road,Stranraer was accused of conducting himself in a disorderly manner, entering a house in Ashwood Drive uninvited, shouting, swearing, challenging others to a fight and committing a breach of the peace.

Depute Procurator Fiscal, Alan Cameron, told the court that the incident had happened at around 4am on April 6th this year.

The accused had knocked on the door of the complainer's house, pushed past her and into the living room where he challenged another person to a fight, he refused to fight with Young and soon after help arrived in the form of other neighbours who helped to get Young out of the house.

Young's solicitor Margot Nicol said in his defence that her client had gone to his girlfriend's house, against his friends advice, and seeing another man there, but remembers nothing else of the incident. She said he regrets what happened and he has said it was a one off.

Sheriff James Smith said the Young that he would give him a chance to prove that this was an isolated incident, but warned him that if anything similar happened again it would be "far more serious next time round."

The case was adjourned until December 5th to allow Young to prove he could be of good behaviour.

Gave false details

A NEPALESE man appeared in Stranraer Sheriff Court on Monday after he pled guilty to giving false details to police officers when trying to board a ferry for Ireland at Stranraer Port that day.

Manoj Sharman, 35, from Peterborough, was represented in court by Ian Milligan who said that Mr Sharman was an overstayer, who had recently had an appeal for asylum turned down.

"Realising he had no entitlement to be here, he tried to obtain asylum in Ireland by using false documents." said Mr Milligan.

In sentencing, Sheriff Smith told Sharman that he had pled guilty to a very serious offence, decieving the authorities in a country in which he had no right to stay. The Sheriff sent him to prison for three months after which he recommended he was deported.