Stop and search numbers skyrocket

The number of reported stop and search incidents across Dumfries and Galloway has risen substantially over the past year.

According to figures from Police Scotland, the number went up from 16 recorded instances in 2012/13 to a staggering 3,091 in 2013/14.

Males between the ages of 10-15 saw the biggest increase, from one to 160, although it was recently reported that the police would no longer be using this tool on anyone under the age of 12.

Scottish Conservatives’ Dumfries and Galloway councillor, Finlay Carson, said: “What we don’t want is a centralised, Strathclyde approach to policing here because it’s simply not necessary.

“Our region does not have the same problem with crime that you find in major cities so the approach to policing here needs to reflect that.”