Stewartry crime detection figures positive

CRIME detection rates in the Stewartry remain high at 66.1 percent - up on the regional average.

These were the figures given to Stewartry Area Committee on Wendesday as Inspector Claire Walker gave her first report to councillors since taking up her post in the job this week.

She said that crimes reported in the Stewartry between April and August this year totalled 168, down 31 from the same time last year.

Councillor Brian Collins pointed out that the figures can’t be attributed solely to the work of officers.

He added: “I think it’s not only down to the efforts of the police in detecting crime, but the community and public information plays a huge part.”

Inspector Walker replied: “We do have a very good background with the community and I think we’re a very lucky force in that respect. We couldn’t survive without the efforts of the community in helping us detect crime.”

Councillor Jane Maitland said that the area must “keep its foot on the accelerator” with regards to community input.

She added: “Who knows what will happen in the future with th police but what we don’t need is a heavy-handed approach like that of the force in Glasgow.”

She added that there should be an annual way of praising the community for their input.

Councillor George Prentice raised the issue of speeding around Castle Douglas Rugby Club, and the Inspector said she would pass on the concerns to the roads unit.

The councillor said: “In light of the terrible accident there last year, I wish we could educate these drivers about how they’re dicing with death.”