Stay safe in the storms

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The AA is urging householders to watch out for damage to their property amid the bad weather which is sweeping the country.

September 24 saw the number of boiler and central heating claims submitted to the AA’s Home Emergency Response service more than double from previous Mondays in the month. As it gets colder and wetter, more householders are putting the heating back on and, it seems, experiencing problems with boilers and central heating.

Claims for roofing issues have also increased significantly in the same period.

Much of the UK has seen prolonged bouts of rain and gales, prompting weather warnings from the Met Office.

The AA’s Home Emergency Service provides the following advice:

Check with the Environment Agency to see if your home is at risk of flooding.

If it is, put sandbags against your doors and move as many of your possessions (especially electrical items) upstairs, out of reach of flood water.

Keep doors and windows closed during storms or very strong winds.

Don’t try to repair any damage to the outside of your property until the wind and rain have subsided.

If you need to evacuate, turn off your water, electricity and gas if it’s safe to do so.

If you’ve lost power at night, use torches rather than candles to reduce the fire hazard.

If you’re affected by a flood, make sure your electricity supply is switched off and don’t attempt to use any electrical appliances which may be wet.

If strong winds or storms are forecast, check your roof for loose tiles or damaged chimney pots, and get any problems repaired. Also make sure your TV aerial is secured.