Spud’s lucky day

Spud lies on his side on the forest track after being rescued
Spud lies on his side on the forest track after being rescued

Firefighters from Whithorn battled for seven hours on Tuesday to rescue a horse from a bog near Sorbie.

The emergency services were alerted after Spud, a five-year old Clydesdale, got into difficulties on a forest track.

The horse was released from the bog after a complicated operation involved the use of specialist winches.

Station commander Derek Wilson said: “In the picture you see Spud lying on his side on the forest floor after we rescued him from being stuck shoulder deep in boggy ground between two rows of trees in the forest. Spud was stuck upright in mud/bog and upon our arrival only the top of his shoulders, back, neck and head were visible.

“During his entrapment the level of activity required to extricate him involved firefighters using multiple strops, three Tirfor winches, shackles, and specialist animal rescue equipment over a prolonged period.

“The landowner provided great assistance through transporting rescue equipment and the vet, as well as cutting brash to enable us to make areas of more solid ground to facilitate the extrication. Due to the very rough nature of the access track another local provided assistance in accessing the scene via a Landrover.”