Social work overspend of £165,000 forecast

A report presented to the social work committee of Dumfries and Galloway Council on Thursday drew attention to the council’s social work services department forecasting an overspend of £165,000 that was not included in their 2013/14 budget.

The major factor shaping this news was an overspend of £211,000 in the children and families service’s forecast. The service say they are “bringing forward a review of the kinship scheme”, due to kinship care making up £173,000 of that figure. Overspends of £45,000 on services helping people with physical and learning disabilities and £37,000 on other services also contributed to the total.

An underspend of £128,000 in the service’s budget for older people, particularly within residential care, lessened the blow that was inflicted. However, the report also indicated fears that this may change later in the year. It stated: “Current placement numbers within residential care for older people are down on last year, however, demand rose last year from 834 placements to 884 and this is an area where the increase may come later on in the year.”