Six airlifted from the Galloway Hills

The Mountain Rescue team begins the rescue
The Mountain Rescue team begins the rescue

Galloway Mountain Rescue Team were called out on Wednesday night to rescue six hill climbers stranded in the Galloway Hills.

The six were lost on the Buchan and one of the group, a 56-year-old man from Doncaster, suffered an asthma attack and had to be airlifted from the hillside by Rescue 131 from RAF Boulmer.

Police Scotland alerted the team at about 10.50pm and personnel responded from newton Stewart and Castle Douglas, arriving at the scene at 11.40pm.

Ken MacKenzie, team leader, who co-ordinated the search said: “Using the SARIloc system we were able to pinpoint their location on the summit of Buchan Hill, which is south east of Merrick. We were aware that one of the group, a 56-year old man, had suffered an athsma attack and didn’t have an inhaler with him. As a result, we called in the assistance of air support and rescue 131 for RAF Boulmer attended. They were on the scene shortly after midnight and airlifted all six members of the party and dropped them off at a landing site at the old Caldons Campsite near Loch Trool.

“The casualty’s condition was such that we treated him on scene before transporting him, as precaution, in our ambulance to his holiday accommodation. By the time we got here, he’s improved significantly as we were able to leave him in the care of his family.”

In total 14 Galloway MR team were involved in the incident.