Sisters are doing it for themselves

Women tackling DIY is on the up as the largest home improvement retailer has been teaching new skills to more than 23,000 females in the past two years.

Since July 2011, B&Q has seen the number of females enrolling on its You Can Do It classes rise by over 400 per cent with lessons such as how to hang wallpaper, how to change a radiator and how to lay flooring.

A study by B&Q of 2000 British women reveals that seven in 10 are now happy to get on with a project around the home. More than one in five UK households are single women and the main reason given for why more women are taking up DIY is that it’s the only way anything can get done.

October 2010 saw B&Q set out on a mission to get the nation and more women doing DIY. The launch of 15 You Can Do It centres across the UK aimed to give expert workshops on everything DIY in a bid to improve DIY skills. Last year B&Q launched Kids Can Do It workshops to encourage the next generation to learn new skill.

From lawyers to busy single mums, B&Q has seen women from different backgrounds looking to learn new skills for lots of different reasons. Whether it’s to save money, avoid being ripped off or to just increase confidence around the home, women are skilling up and the need for a handyman is on the way out.

The You Can Do It centres located at B&Q stores around the UK offer 12 workshops, from painting and wallpapering to plumbing and flooring. Classes start from £10. The workshops are hands on and under the guidance of B&Q’s DIY experts.

Calling 0800 652 1967 for details.