Simple way to cut energy costs

Homeowners are throwing money down the drain by not having sufficient heating controls installed, according to heating experts Honeywell.

As the situation becomes serious, it is predicted that the average household fuel bill could reach £1250 by 2016, with the number of households living in fuel poverty set to double.

However, what 8.5 million homeowners in the UK don’t realise is that there are some energy efficiency measures they can take which will actively reduce bills, by up to £10 a month.

Fitting a room thermostat can deliver these instant savings – and with the average household energy bill set to continue rising due to increasing energy costs – homeowners will no doubt be keen to look for ways to save money.

Andy Mansfield, Honeywell specialist, said: “Some 84% of a home’s energy consumption is in heating and hot water. These latest claims, coupled with the surges in gas and electricity prices, as well as the implications of green taxes, means that now more than ever is the time for homeowners to look at ways to make savings.

“Millions of people are missing out on this simple technology. After all, the money is better off in the pockets of cash-strapped homeowners, rather than being wasted due to a lack of a simple control.”