Signatures pour in for A75 upgrade petition

A petition calling on the Scottish Government to upgrade the A75 to a dual carriageway or motorway has amassed 1400 signatures in two days.

The call was kick-started by Stranraer man Matt Halliday on Tuesday.

Matt said: “The A75 is currently predominantly single carriageway with a few piecemeal overtaking lanes. This makes Belfast the only UK capital without access to the UK’s motorway network.

“The road itself is woefully unfit for purpose, there are major logjams at the times of the frequent ferry sailings meaning heavy freight traffic in convoys, mixing with tourists who do not know the road mixing with local traffic including agricultural vehicles. This leads to frustration and is dangerous. The state of the road surface is abysmal as well.

“I call on the Scottish Government and all other relevant authorities to commit to upgrading the A75 to dual carriageway/motorway in as short a time as possible.

“It is a travesty that one of the UK’s busiest and most dangerous roads has been starved of investment and prevented from receiving this vital upgrade for so long.”

Signatures have been left from motorists in Gretna through to Northern Ireland, who all agree the road should be given significant attention and investment.

See the petition at