Shows to return to Riverside Car Park

Cree Valley Community Council have done a U-turn to allow the shows to return to the Riverside Car Park next month.

Last year, Taylor’s Fun Fair had to cancel their annual visit to Newton Stewart when the community council objected to the amount of car parking spaces they took up, which allegedly, affected the takings of businesses in the town.

An alternative site at the Minnigaff Playing Fields was muted as a possible alternative but, as Mrs Taylor explained to members, the hardstanding was on grass and therefore not suitable for their equipment which could get bogged down if it rained. There was still the problem with a fence, which blocked access. Mrs Taylor told the community councillors last year that a portion of the fence would have to be removed to allow their 55-foot long lorries to get onto the site and then turn. The area was also not suitable for their biggest attraction.

Cree Valley CC had rasied the fence issue with its owner, Dumfries and Galloway Council, last year, but the local authority had no money at the time to alter the fence to make it removable.

Mrs Taylor pointed out that time was pressing for a solution as they were due to arrive in the town in four weeks time. She pointed out that her family business had “been in the Riverside Car Park before other businesses were there” and if this could not be resolved that night, they wouldn’t come.

She added: “No one told us last year about the problem and we are no further forward!”

Mid Galloway Councillor reminded the members that it was the local authority who decided the location but they would be influenced by the community council’s wishes.