Shining stars of Douglas Ewart recognised


DOUGLAS Ewart High School held its Junior Awards Ceremony this week where pupils from the first, second and third years were rewarded for academic excellence and diligence throughout the year.

The winners of the school’s Young Stars music competition were also awarded their prizes.

All prizes were given out by English teacher Susan Smith, who retires this summer having taught at Douglas Ewart for 34 years.


Top Diligence Awards

S1 Sandy Acheson and Emma McVean

S2 Sean Campbell and Karen Milven

S3 Rose Nash

Top Academic Awards

S1 Proxime Accessit, Adam Moffat

S1 Dux Ben Moore

S2 Joint Dux prize, John Hughes and Mollie Millar- Smith

S3 Proxime Accessit, jointly to Megan Sommerville and Zoe Bestel

S3 Dux Lucy Fisher.

Academic Excellence

Alan Oxley, Home Economics, Diligence awards for English and ICT

Beth Macdonald, Art and Technical, Diligence awards for Home Economics and English

Martin Flannighan, Maths and French, Diligence awards for Home Economics, ICT and Drama

Ben Moore, Art, Music, ICT, Humanities, Science, English and French, Diligence awards for Drama and Home Economics.

Kirsty McColm, Drama, Diligence awards for Art, HE, Humanities and English.

Quinn Jolly, PE, Diligence award for Home Economics

Emma McVean, Home Economics, Diligence awards for Science, English, PE,

Music and Drama.

Rebekah Hughes, Art, Music and Technical, Diligence awards for Home Economics, English and PE

Laurie Burnett, Maths and French, Diligence awards for Home Economics and PE

Kezia Dale, ICT, Drama, Art Science and English, Diligence awards for Home Economics and English

Sandy Acheson, Art and PE, Diligence awards for Home Economics, Technical, Science, English and PE

Kierah Hannay, Literacy, Diligence award for PE

Nadia Ruff, Home Economics, Diligence awards for English, ICT and Art

Michelle Middleton, Technical, Diligence award for Art

Archie McCreath, Music and Maths, Diligence award for ICT

Lindsay Barr, Science

Adam Moffat, ICT, Art, Drama, Science, English and French, Diligence award for technical

Maria Cowan, PE

Bethany Dodds, Home Economics and Science, Diligence Award for technical.

Tyler Jolly, Technical, Diligence awards for PE and Drama.

Shelby Cosker, ICT, Maths and Humanities and Music, Diligence award for Music.

Katie Hudson, ICT, Maths, Humanities and Music, Diligence award for English.

Kiera Manson, HE, Diligence awards for Science and Drama

Kaitlin Thorley, Technical, Diligence awards for ICT

Gregor Trayner, French and Drama, Diligence award for ICT.

John Walker, Maths, Science and ICT, Diligence award for French

Isla Forsyth, Humanities and Music

Amy Ritchie, English, Diligence award for Music

Elliot Gray, HE, Maths and ICT, Diligence award for Art

Lorna Phillips, Music, Technical, Art and Humanities, Diligence award for Humanities

Kaela Ross, Art and French, Diligence award for Technical.

Rebecca Blakeman, Science

Bethany Donn, English, Diligence awards for French and Humanities

Russell Morton, PE

S1 Diligence Awards

Grant Lochhead, PE, Louis Service PE, Becky Dalrymple, PE Jack Potter, PE

Jack Taylor PE and Art

Saffron Jolly English, Robbie Adair English, Klaudia Klyza, English, Alan Ferrie, English, Scott Curran, English, Morven Old, English, Jodie Reid, English

Kieran McCallum French, Donald Robinson, French

Alexander Lawson Home Economics, Music and Art

Campbell Robertson Home Economics

Lucy Adams Home Economics and English

Sean Scott, Home Economics, English and PE

Bryony McCaw, Technical, French and Science

Charlie Ashgrove, French, Humanities, Science and English

Carolyn Fisher, French, Humanities and Science.

Lois Campion , Humanities

Tiff Stead, Science, French and Drama

Colleen Leyden, Science

Fraser Kelly, Literacy

Emma Harrison, Music and Art

Mathew Nicholson, Music

Connor McCaig, Drama

S2 Awards for Academic Excellence

Leigh Livingstone, Drama and Technical, Diligence awards in Business Studies Preference, German and Humanities

Carla McCreadie, Art and German, Diligence award for Business Studies Preference.

Jasmine Patterson, Art, Music, Humanities and English, Diligence awards for Science and Humanities

Samantha Saunders, Maths, Science and French

Gemma Maxwell, Business Education Preference, Art diligence.

Jason McAuley PE, Aaron McGuire PE

Moira Edwards, Home Economics and English, Diligence award for Home Economics

Roksana Bartowiak, Music, Drama, HE and Technical, Diligence award for English

Mark Conlan, Maths, Diligence award for PE

Fyfe Patterson, Computing Studies, Science and PE preference, Diligence awards for Drama, Humanities and PE

Matthew Deazely, PE, Diligence awards for PE, PE preference and English

Lewis Dawson, Computing Science, Diligence awards in German, PE and PE preference

Calum Gaw, Technical, Diligence awards for Literacy and Art

Matthew Clear, French Preference and Science

Joni McClure, English

Emma Scott, Music and Literacy, Diligence awards for Science, English, Drama and Art

Darcie Spencer, Art, Diligence award for Technical

Aaron Walker Drama

Claire Cannon, Art

Bailey Muir, Technical

Alistair Birse, Modern Studies

Kelsey Smith, Maths, English and Music

Christopher Ryman, Drama, Humanities and French, Diligence award for Technical

Malachy Wright, Science

Lewis Wallace, French.

John Hughes, Technical, Maths, Science, Humanities, RE preference, Diligence awards for German and Art

Mollie Miller-Smith, Maths, PE, Humanities, Science and Drama, Diligence award for technical.

Aileen McColm, Art, Music and English, Diligence award for Science

Karyn McMillan, Art

Robbie Matley, PE

S2 Diligence Awards

Leah Hart, PE preference, Mark Craig, PE preference

Shannah Dick English

Euan Heron, Home Economics Ailie McQuaker, HomeEconomics

Sean Jackson, Home Economics and English

Anna Ramsay, Home Economics, Humanities and Modern Studies

Karen Milven, Home Economics, Humanities, English, Drama and Music

Sarah Kim Ruff, Home Economics, English, PE and Music

Sean Campbell, Music, Technical, Tech preference, PE preference, Drama

Kerri Allan, Humanities, Stephen McKinnel, Humanities

Alistair Cannon, Mod Studies, French, PE and Music

Fay Wallace, Modern Studies, English and PE preference

Connor Day, Humanities and English

Cameron Jess, Humanities and Art

Alan Fitzsimmons, RE preference

Chloe Allison, Science and PE

Kerry Roddie, Science and English

Tiegen Burns, Science and Music

Rhys Glazer, Science preference

Becky Allison, PE, Katie Allison, PE, Aidan McVittie, PE, Tony McGoran, PE

Mikey Walsh, Drama, Shona Lindsay Art

S3 Awards for Academic Excellence

Rose Nash, Home Economics, Runner’s up prize for Administration, Diligence awards for Craft and Design, and French.

Sophie Phillips, Hospitality, Diligence award for Religious Studies

Oliver Grimes, Craft and Design, Runner’s up awards for Maths, Chemistry and Physics

Joanna Kelly, Graph Communication and Art

Andrew Costley, Practical Craft Skills

Megan Sommerville, German and History, Diligence awards for History, Chemistry and Biology

Lucy Fisher, Administration, Maths, Chemistry and Physics, Diligence award for French.

Zoe Bestel, Music and Religious Studies, Runner up in Computing, Diligence awards in Home Economics and Art

Rachel Drysdale, Biology

Ian Hannay Science, Diligence award in Hospitality

Floraidh Soutar, English

Rachel Owen, Art and French, Diligence award for German

Sabina Sobzcak, French

Abigail Innes, Drama, Runner up in Practical Craft Skills, Diligence award for PCS

Megan Steele, Music, Runner’s up prize for German

Matthew Jamieson, Computing, Runner’s up prize for Graphical Communication

Fraser Galloway, PE

Callum Macdonald, PE, Diligence awards in Hospitality and French

S3 Runners up Academic Awards

Kari Armstrong, Home Economics and English

Euan McClelland, Hospitality

Kerr Inger, Craft and Design

Sam Saunders, History, Diligence awards for History and Hospitality.

Ben White, Biology

Caitlin Rennie, Science

Shona Burns, English, Diligence awards in Admin and Music

Emma Robinson, Art

Ellen Watkins, Art, Diligence awards in Chemistry and Hospitality

S3 Diligence Awards

Laura Brown, Home Economics and French

Adelle Ferrie, Home Economics

Jack Henderson, Hospitality, Robert Faulkner, Hospitality, Scott Forsyth, Hospitality, Louis Green, Hospitality, Macauley Jolly, Hospitality, Thomas Macdonald, Hospitality, Ciaran Malone, Hospitality, Abbie Plunkett, Hospitality

Kerrie Plunkett, Hospitality, Declan Ross, Hospitality, Matthew Soriani, Hospitality

Lucy Nevison, Hospitality and Art

Lewis Macleod, Graph Communication

Nathan Rennie, Practical Craft Skills

Cameron Wartley McKnight, German

Kyle Clark, Religious Studies

Sarah Cloy, Biology and French

Hana Nicol, Art

Brandon McShane Art

David Hughes Art

Ewart’s Young Stars


Lorna Phillips 1st Instrumental

Bethany Donn 1st Vocal

Emma Harrison 2nd Instrumental

Amy Ritchie 3rd Instrumental


Aileen McColm


Emma Robinson 1st Instrumental

Megan Steele, 1st Vocal.