Sheuchan take a walk on the wild side!

Gorge walking
Gorge walking

Earlier this month the primary 7 pupils of Sheuchan Primary School took a trip to Benmore Outdoor Education Centre near Dunoon. The class stayed there for three nights and days days and really had an enjoyable time!

The pupils were split into two groups as soon as they arrived. The groups both had a chat with their leaders before starting their enjoyable days to come.



One of the kids said: “Benmore was a challenging but fun experience” while another quiped: “Yes I agree it was fun but was also scary!”

The children learned about becoming the following:

An effective contributor

To be an effective contributor the children had to make their own beds, do their duties cleaning up the centre, and set the tables before every meal. The children said that the trip had made them think about doing more tidying and doing chores at their own home.



A responsible citizen

To be a responsible citizen the children had to be responsible for their clothes, shoes, beds, suitcases and back pack. They had to carry their suitcases up to their dorms and then unpack. At the end of the week they were responsible for any damage to the dorm and picking up ALL their belongings. On the activities the children did a very good job by looking after all property with care and respect. The children were very responsible, helping others to achieve.

A confident individual

To be a confident individual the children had to come across fears and phobias. A lot of the children were scared of the activities to do with height and some were scared of the activities with water. They also had to be confident in socializing with the other school (benali) that joined them at Benmore. The p7 class teacher had struggled to overcome her fear of caving. Pupils reminded her of the class motto “don’t say no have a go!”



A successful learner

The helpful encouragement from all helped the group feel success. To be a successful learner the children had to think of strategies, watch people to get strategies and to reason logically. The activities that the groups did were climbing, abseiling, sailing, caving and mountain biking.

The children achieved the Benmore expectations!

The activities at Benmore included ropes course, sailing, mountain biking, caving sailing abseiling, climbing, night walk and a quiz on one of the nights.



Here area couple of reports from the pupils about trip:

“One sunny fantastic day the P7’s of Sheuchan Primary went out for a treat. They went to Benmore Outdoor Education Centre to do some fun activities. The first activity was at the ropes course which was the highest but safest activity at Benmore, because everyone is strapped in with a harness. This was the perfect warm up. There was a smaller ropes course to do problem solving and a high ropes course for brave volunteers.

“The next day it was sadly raining but that never stopped the young explorers going out on a fantastic adventure. They went sailing and they had a proper sailing boat and they had to put up the sail and steer it. It was an amazing time for the P7’s. It was cold but they had a great time.

“Next they went on the bikes’ route. It was still raining but it was a real challenge. Going though puddles around trees and down hills. The instructor Scott was leading the way and the P7’s had a great time. A wet one too!

“On the final day they went abseiling. They went on a short walk to the 50ft cliff and got to the top of the cliff with some solid stone stairs and were at the top before they knew it. They had two ropes attached to ropes attached to them, one to slowly lower them down, and the other in case they let go.

“The last activity they went on was gorge walking. Gorge walking is walking up a gorge climbing up waterfalls going under rocks and exploring mini-caves. It’s a fun, long, and enjoyable activity. At one point you have to go under a rock call the African stone but there’s only just enough room to breathe all the way through.

“Finally at night we had a disco which lasted an hour. There were all different types of famous party songs. It was a super disco with a smoke machine and everything. At the end of the party they sent off Chinese lanterns and the week at Benmore was over but the fun had just started

Finn P7

“On the 7th of May some of Sheuchan’s P7’s went to Benmore on an adventure. They stayed there for three nights and really enjoyed it. They all said that from this adventure they have became a responsible citizen, effective contributor, confident individual and a successful learner.

“As well as doing the out door activities they also had to do things in side like to make their bed , set the table, clean up and do their duties. The children would get a room inspection every morning and the score would be out of 10. Each day they would try to get a higher score.

“Before any outdoor activities took place the children were spilt in to two groups with a leader each. The first activity was a ropes course which they found fun but a bit challenging. Many of the children had to over come their fears, like some were scared of heights but pushed them selves to go abseiling and climbing. The children named their favourite activities and there was a good mixture of different advents. Some of them liked the mountain biking better than others, were as some people preferred the gorge walking. The gorge walking was bit of a challenge for the children but the great challenge was the African rock which was a rock with a small space underneath it, they had to go under it and get out the other side. Many of the activities were a once in a life time experience, some pupils were given the opportunity to go caving. Even if they were getting wet and dirty they still had a good time on all the events.

“Children gave Benmore ratings some gave 10/10 and some gave 9/10. Most and nearly all of the children said they would go again.”

Trinity P7