Shennanton Wind Farm is ok with us, says councillors

Cree Valley Community Council will not object to the proposed Shennanton Wind Farm, it was decided this week.

The council met on Monday and discussed the plans after being consulted by PNE Wind UK, the company behind the project.

The council discussed how the turbines would be situated on the fells away from the A75 and shouldn’t interfere with the views over the the Merrick Range. Chairman Tom greenaway said: “As far as wind farms go, this isn’t the one that causes me the most concern.”

However, it was suggested concerns be raised when the time comes about the proposed California Wind Park for Kirkdale Hill near Creetown due to the height and visibility of the project, which has just seen a wind monitoring mast approved (see page 9).

It was also reported at the meeting that the council will be given community fund cash from the Kilgallioch Wind Farm near New Luce.