Seven councillors quit posts

Seven councillors on Dumfries and Galloway Council have resigned from their positions.

The resignations were reportedly due to a lack of confidence in the leadership of the SNP/Conservative coalition and a special meeting has been called for this Wednesday (September 25).

The once 15-member Conservative representation on the 47-member council has therefore been cut down to just eight.

Leader of the opposition Labour group, Ronnie Nicholson said: “The infighting within the Tory Group has been ongoing now for sometime and it is deeply damaging to our region. There are so many important decisions to be made that affect jobs and services to the public, but those who should be focused on making those decisions are spending all their time arguing amongsts themselves. The only jobs they seem interested in is their own. Some people in the Tory Group believe dumping their Leader will solve the problems. That won’t heal the splits in the Tories or give the people of our region a council that spends it’s time listening to the public. The losers in this whole sorry saga are the people of Dumfries and Galloway.

“Last May Labour were elected as the largest group on the council and received more votes than any other party. We put forward proposals for a progressive coalition but the SNP chose instead to form a coalition with the Tories. That coalition is crumbling before our eyes and it remains to be seen now whether the SNP will continue to prop up a Tory led council. Even half the Tory group have no confidence in that coalition and their members have made clear to people that one of the reasons they have split from their own Tory group is their utter disdain for the SNP group”.