Serial domestic abuser jailed

Thirty-five year old Ian Thomson of Dumfries is today facing 13 years in jail following his conviction and sentencing for a catalogue of domestic abuse offences against several partners.

The conviction and sentencing follows a lengthy investigation by Police Scotland’s Domestic Abuse Taskforce, which began in June 2013.

The investigation was assisted by eight of Thomson’s previous partners, seven from the Dumfries and Galloway area and one from Glasgow, all of whom suffered extreme violence and serious assaults at his hands. In May 2014 he was convicted at Glasgow High Court of 22 charges and today he is finally being held to account for his horrendous actions as he begins his 13 year prison sentence.

Detective Chief Inspector Sam McCluskey of Police Scotland’s Domestic Abuse Task Force said today: “Today represents the culmination of a lengthy investigation, which was greatly assisted by eight of Thomson’s previous partners, who had suffered terrifying ordeals as he subjected them to prolonged and repeated sexual and physical abuse.

“It was clear to officers investigating that all of Thomson’s eight victims were extremely afraid of him and it took a significant amount of time for officers to build up trust with them. It is a testament to them that they overcame their fear and spoke out enabling us to catalogue his violent history and ultimately bring him to justice.

“Domestic abuse encompasses all manner of crimes, ranging from murder, serious sexual assault, stalking and abusive behaviours. Police Scotland’s aim is to reduce the number of victims of domestic abuse and our approach specifically tackles offenders, in particular repeat offenders who cause such misery to victims.

“No-one should live a life where they are in fear of being attacked and if you are in an abusive relationship, please contact police on 101 or via the third party reporting - You do not have to be a victim – we can get you the help you deserve.”