Secrets of the cosmos explored

Potsdam-based cosmologist Noam Libeskind.
Potsdam-based cosmologist Noam Libeskind.

An interesting and unusual exhibition that brings together a land artist, an architect and not one but two cosmologists, opens to the public at the Merz Gallery, Sanquhar, on June 23.

‘Cosmic Collisions: birth, rebirth and the universe’ sees New York-based artist Rachel Libeskind and her cosmologist brother Noam undertaking their first creative collaboration.

Another contributor will be their father Daniel, the architect behind the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Ground Zero in New York and the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics, home to Durham University’s Institute for Computational Cosmology.

Rachel has used laser etchings on metal to reproduce cosmological maps created by her brother and his colleagues that depict how objects, including galaxies, are moving through the universe.

Also featured are previously unseen drawings by Daniel Libeskind which show how the shape of spiral galaxies influenced his design of the Ogden Centre and a new series of paintings by Charles Jencks. These look at how seemingly calamitous events like the collision of galaxies are immensely creative, leading to the birth of millions of new stars.

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