Scottish Water start work on new package of environmental improvements for Stranraer

As part of an ongoing programme of environmental improvements, Scottish Water is commencing a rolling programme of work on the waste water network in Stranraer that will improve the water quality in Loch Ryan and the aesthetic quality of the waterfront.

The overall cost of the programme is £1.6million and consists of 11 small and distinct projects across various sites in Stranraer.

Stephen Hepburn, project manager, said: “This work is being conducted separately from the Loch Ryan project, but will contribute towards the environmental benefits that the Loch Ryan project will deliver. This initiative is also part of a wider programme to improve water quality across Wigtownshire. The work will also improve the water quality in the Black Stank Burn, the Town Burn and the Sheuchan Burn which all feed into Loch Ryan.

“The waste water network in Stranraer is of a combined nature where sewage and surface water share the same network of pipes. In heavy rainfall, excess water is stored in large holding tanks to reduce the pressure on pipes. In exceptionally heavy weather they release excess water to local burns and rivers where it is carried to the sea.

”Scottish Water is undertaking a programme of improvements at these overflow locations to minimise their environmental impact. This work will increase network capacity, accommodating additional flows in storm conditions and filtering debris from the water when overflows occur.

“The 11 projects that make up this programme will be completed in late 2013. Some light traffic management may be in place for short periods where necessary. Where appropriate we will inform residents who live near the works by letter.”

This work future-proofs the waste water network and will protect the natural environment in Stranraer. This project also ensures that Scottish Water is complying with strict European regulations laid down by SEPA.

Scottish Water is also conducting the £28million Loch Ryan project in Stranraer, which will create a new waste water treatment facility near Smithy Hill and remove the permanent discharge of treated waste water into Loch Ryan. The project is well underway and will be completed late 2012.

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