Scottish Green Party slams learning support cuts

The Dumfries and Galloway Branch of the Scottish Green Party has called on local people to support the petition asking the council to reconsider their decision to make 52 learning support posts redundant.

The petition has been drawn up by parents affected by the cuts. It calls on the council to provide information to parents about the impact of the proposed cuts, to consult with the parents, and to reconsider the scale and breadth of the proposed cuts. It is available on the website.

Convenor of the Greens, Dumfries and Galloway branch, Chris Ballance of Moffat said:

“We are aware that the cuts imposed by the Holyrood Government are forcing the Council to make difficult choices, and we call on John Swinney urgently to address this issue. This is another one of the unacceptable decisions resulting from the austerity programme. It is also a sign of the urgent need to reform local government finance.”

“This cut is aimed squarely at some of our most vulnerable young children – the very people we should be focussing the most effort on.”

Demi Powell of Dalbeattie, mother of two young children said “Families are concerned about our children’s needs being met. The potential impact on the whole class is a significant concern.”

Concerns have also been expressed about the impact on teachers and staff.

Parents and Green Party members are to meet with John Dennis, local Secretary of the teacher’s union EIS on Thursday to discuss the campaign.