School wins glowing report

PENNINGHAME Primary and Nursery in Newton Stewart has received glowing feedback following a recent HMIe inspection.

The school turns out polite, well-behaved and motivated pupils who are led by supportive staff, according to a report released this week.

Inspectors spent time in the school and nursery, which has just over 250 pupils all together, speaking to both children and staff and picked up on a few points for improvement, but overall praised the efforts of the school.

The report, sent out to parents this week, says: “Across the primary stages, children are well behaved and focus well on tasks. At most stages they work well together in pairs and groups and are now beginning to develop skills in evaluating their work. Children should now be involved more in planning their learning and setting targets. In a few classes, children use learning logs very well to make connections between learning at school and at home.”

The report went on to say that pupils are developing keen interests in extra curricular activities and charity awareness and fundraising.

Though the report did say that there is scope for children across the school to make better progress in their learning, children in the nursery enjoy drawing and a few are exploring early writing skills. The majority of children in the school are becoming confident in counting during games, but children overall are not making sufficient progress in mathematics and numeracy. It was also pointed out that the pace of learning can be too slow and that nursery pupils need to play more challenging games.

The report says: “Staff provide a caring environment and support children’s development well. The principal teacher has worked with staff to put in place very good arrangements to support children with severe and complex needs. Across the primary stages, activities are relevant and most match children’s learning needs.”

The “attractive outdoor area” was praised, as was the school’s appropriate use of technology and preparation for upper pupils ahead of their move to Douglas Ewart High.

Key strengths noted were:

* Well-behaved, polite children who enjoy school and are motivated to learn.

* Opportunities for children to develop a range of skills as they participate in ‘reward time’ and after-school activities.

* The work of all staff in meeting the care and welfare needs of children.

* The leadership and teamwork of staff within the learning centre which results in children’s needs being very well met.