Scaffolding on hall may stay up until the spring

MacMillan Hall, Newton Stewart
MacMillan Hall, Newton Stewart

Scaffolding currently hiding Newton Stewart’s McMillan Hall could stay up until next spring, it was suggested this week.

Efforts to repair stonework were due to be completed by July 19, but workers discovered the building was in a worse state than expected and the project was halted to allow for a specialist report.

Now the work – which has already been budgeted at £11,850 – may have to wait until next spring if the results of a report show the repairs required will need planning permission from Dumfries and Galloway Council. This lengthy process will see the plans advertised for 21 days to give relevant parties a chance to object before a decision is made.

A letter from the council to members of Cree Valley Community Council said it took the decision to leave the scaffolding up until the report is returned to avoid public cost in setting it up again at a later date.

Community councillor Jane Boan said: “The problem for me isn’t the cost, it’s the fact that it’s still there and is unsightly.”

Councillor Tom Greenaway added: “If the work needs to be done, they’ll have to get it done pretty quickly before winter or else this scaffolding will stay up until next spring.”