Salvation Army appeal

Staff and volunteers at Salvation Army Trading Company’s charity shop in Stranraer are calling on people to donate their unwanted items of small portable furniture to help meet rising local demand for affordable second-hand pieces.

Over the past few months the Charlotte Street shop has witnessed a growing number of people seeking small items of second-hand furniture and the team is appealing to local people to hunt through their homes, sheds, attics and garages, and to bring any unwanted pieces to the store to be sold.

Donations could include small, portable items such as side tables, nests of tables, coffee tables, bedside cabinets, small chairs and stools. People are advised to drop them off during opening hours (Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm), although those with difficulty transporting their items are advised to call the shop, as it may be possible to arrange a collection.

“Lots of people will have a small item of furniture that they no longer really want and is currently cluttering the garage or garden shed,” said Nicola Crawford, area manager. “So, whether it’s a small coffee table, foot stool or something else really useful for the home we’d be grateful for any donations people can spare.

“We know there’s a need here for small furniture, whether it’s people downsizing, moving into their first homes or looking to give their home a new look – and with the pressures on everyone’s purses at the moment it’s important for us to be able to provide items at reasonable prices for those in the local community that can’t afford new pieces.

“By donating your items for us to sell instead of letting them gather dust or throwing them away, you’ll also be helping to raise funds for the Salvation Army, a charity that carries out valuable work in communities throughout the UK.”

Profits from the sale of the items in the shop will be gift-aided to the Salvation Army to help fund its work in communities throughout the UK, which includes homelessness services, elderly care, assistance at emergency incidents, projects for children and families and much, much more.