Sainsbury’s support day centre

IN 2013 Sainsbury’s supermarket in Newton Stewart have been supporting the Riverside Day Centre though a variety of fundraising projects.

It has been well publicised that the Day Centre could face a potential funding crisis from next April and recently day centre members came across to Sainsbury’s to do some bag packing in store to help their fundraising efforts.

This was followed by a sponsored ‘knitathon’ in the foyer of the store with Sainsbury’s staff and day centre members and supporters taking part. The store’s staff also donated their time by being bus attendants on different days for members who travel into the day centre from the Machars area.

To end Sainsbury’s year of fund raising the staff had a photo opportunity with store manager Duncan Sellers handing over a £700 cheque over to the day centre.

Sainsbury’s staff we are also performing at the day centre’s talent night on Saturday, June 21 in the day centre.