Sad news from osprey nest

THERE is sad news from the secret osprey nest as it looks like the third nad last chick to hatch has not survived.

Elizabeth Tindal from Dumfries and Galloway Council Ranger Service, based at Wigtown County Buildings, said: “We saw the third egg hatch after a great deal of difficultly and we could see the chick for the day after that trying to get fed but what with its older siblings and the terrible weather it had no luck.

“Since then we have been unable to definitely say that we saw it. The greenery on the nest was obscuring the view. Now that the weather is better and the chicks are becoming more active, moving around, it has becoming increasingly obvious that there is no third chick.

“Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but the other two chicks seem strong and healthy and are going to look more dinosaurish in the next few days with their juvenile feathers pushing through to replace their down, I think of it as their Laurel and Hardy phase, which if you have seen them you will know why – they get feathers on their heads first.”