Rural crime reports up but thefts down

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POLICE have reported that incidents of thefts are down and the reporting of suspicious activities in rural areas is up.

Last week officers from Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary asked the public to be aware of rural criminals following a number of thefts and break ins throughout the region.

The general public have listened and responded to the warning. The public appear to have taken on board police advice about securing their property especially in relation to farm machinery and equipment, as well as reporting suspicious activity in rural areas.

Chief Inspector Irvine Watson said: “People in Dumfries and Galloway have reacted in the way we hoped they would.”

“We are proud of the strong relationship we have with our communities, and their ability to assist us in preventing and detecting crimes. This very positive reaction from the public is welcomed and we will continue to work with our communities to provide as safe and as crime free an area as possible.

“Rural crime is an issue, sometimes committed by criminals from out with, however I would still actively encourage the public to continue to be vigilant and report any activity which they believe to be suspicious as quickly thereafter as possible to ensure we get the best chance of investigating these matters. I would also encourage the community to protect their property, and we are happy to assist with advice and guidance in this regard.”