Rotary miss out

The Rotary Club of Newton Stewart missed out on a £2000 windfall to cover Wheelie Good Bike Show costs after filing a late application.

Council officers say they gave the Rotary “a very high level of support” to help them with the application form, but the volunteer organisation had only managed to complete the form correctly and submit it one week before the event.

This meant the application could only be considered at the September Wigtown Area Committee meeting, which took place on Wednesday. As the committee’s funding criteria states no funding is granted retrospectively the application was turned down.

A report to elected members revealed the total costs of the event were £3600 with funding of £1100 coming from the Rotary Legacy Account and £500 from local business sponsorship.

The £2000 from the WAC Discretionary Budget was needed to cover the costs a live band and a rider display team.

But Wigtown West Councillor Jim McClung questioned the wording of the council’s rules for funding eligibility pointing out that money was “not normally” awarded retrospectively. “It doesn’t say ‘never’”, he stated.

Mid Galloway Councillor Alastair Geddes was equally keen to keep the door ajar for funding to be granted once a meeting was held with Rotary members to throw some light on why the application was late and take into consideration their financial position after hosting the Wheelie Good Bike show.

Councillor Geddes said: “There may be extenuating circumstances why this happened. This organisation does a lot of good in the Mid Galloway community. It’s members are all volunteers and they should have our backing.”

A spokesman for The Rotary Club of Newton Stewart said: “We haven’t been told why the application has been turned down or why they need additional time to examine the bid but are pleased that the Area Committee might be willing to consider the bid further.”